8 tested tips on how to get a girl to notice you

Hey guys, do you find she is so beautiful but her smile is not for you, her eyes have no contact with yours. She is as gentle as moon light and as bright as the sun light at the early morning. She is so wonderful, you just want her to be your girl friend but you don’t know how to impress her. This article from Wikiyeah.com is a right handbook for you to give you best tricks about how to get a girl to notice you. Let find out how 8 tips following here can help you to get the heart of your dream girl.

How To Get A Girl To Notice You – Attract Your Desired Girl Effortlessly

How to get a girl to notice you

1. Dress Smartly

Among the important tips on how to get a girl to notice you, this is the top one. First, I want to remind you that dress smartly is not totally follow the hot trends. Let choose some clothes which can make you look good and more attractive to women, don’t choose something which is hot and only can apply on catwalk. They will make you become the center of negative attention. By the way, spend more time to dress cleanly, don’t dress too freely, be smart and you will get what you want.[Read: how to find out if a girl likes you]

2. Become A Funny Guy Among The Group

How to get a girl to notice you and win a girl’s heart? Tell some funny stories and become a funny guy so you can drive both her attention and others’ to you. That’s will work more than trying to drive her attention alone. Remember you are walking with a group of people doesn’t mean that you cannot get her attention, you still can by being that group center, make some laugh with you and she will look after a smart guy like you. [Read: male body parts women love]

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