8 tested tips on how to get a girl to notice you

3. Appear At Her Favorite Places

A girl always has her favorite cafeteria or a book store or even at a specific corner in the part. They are all the places that she will come to usually. Make sure that you appear at the same time she is there, and try to make her see you. At first, you might take your own friends with you to create safety feeling to her. Then you can go alone and talk to her about some daily life’s topics. Let her feel comfortable to see you there. This is one important tip o how to get a girl to notice you. [Read: how to kiss a girl for the first time]

4. Be Nice To People Around You

A girl is always impressed by a warm-hearted guy. Therefore, helping other people around you is a good tip on how to get a girl to notice you. Helping a girl to open the canteen door when she is busy with the food on her hands or helping old people to carry they bags when they‘ve finished their shopping. All of this actions will leave beautiful impression in other people’s hearts. Even she cannot see you when you do that but other people can still talk about you. [Read: how to find love]

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