How to get a guy to forget his ex girlfriend – 8 best tips

Your crush is sad about his new breakup and he still cannot get over his ex girlfriend? Do you feel like your current relationship is silently haunted by the ghosts of the ex past? Perhaps, she was the first love of your boyfriend, or she was the girl of his dream who made their love a true nightmare by lying to or cheating on him. The reasons are various, but she is his ex and he seems not to be able to get over her. So, as his new girlfriend, you want to know how to get a guy to forget his ex girlfriend. Then, it is recommended to follow the tips below so you can be the girl who makes him eventually get over his ex and look forwards a potential future with you. This article has referred the information from Gurl and WebMD. Take a quick glimpse from WikiYeah!

How To Get A Guy To Get Forget His Ex Girlfriend – 8 Easy Tricks

How to get a guy to forget his ex

1. Keep Calm And Take Time

One of the basic tips on how to get a guy to forget his ex is to give it time. Time is the best treatment for most hurts. Anything worth having is really worth waiting for. Do you really care about that guy, then you should let him have time to mourn and be sad about his recent breakup.

Maybe, you also experienced the feelings of a broken heart by yourself, so you understand how to deal with this issue, right? Just take time to let it heal; even it might take a long time for some people. According to relationship experts, this is a sensitive stage where you should not be too available for him. It is because if you do so, he might just see you as a rebound.

2. Be A Friend To Him And Support Him

First and foremost, you should be his friend before trying to go any further like offering your support. This makes him feel appreciated and valued, and see you as the person who always was there for him at his bad mood. Even when things do not work out as you want just because he is not ready, you still get your foot in the door by becoming a significant person in his own life.

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3. Avoid The Friend Zone

When it comes to tips on how to get a guy to forget his ex girlfriend, this might be the trickiest. Once you spend time with him by going to the park or running with him or hanging out whilst shopping, you will have his attention. Yet, what kind of attention he is giving you? Do not become one of “the male friends” of that guy or you may just be that – just a normal friend. That is why you should pay more attention to your look, your confidence. Make every other man notice you. Be sexy, be confident and be elegant. What you should do is to make him see you as a potential girlfriend by hanging out like friends whilst also hinting that you are subtly making an effort of attracting him.

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4. Get To Know Him

Despite it is not easy to force a relationship on that guy, it is the right time for you to get to know him and understand him without pressure, and so does he. Just simply go out and have some activities together, enjoy his companion. Make it light, fun, and let him feel comfortable and fresh when being around him.
One of the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to know how to get a guy to forget his ex is to make him see you as a great potential partner, not just a friend. Do not try too hard or you might scare him away.

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5. Watch Out Those Triggers

Triggers could come in different ways: a nice dress, the scent of perfume, an old restaurant, or a movie – these are reminders of his ex as well as the times they are with each other. They just open wounds which both he and you are trying to heal. Even when he might be able to hide it, he still has a harder time to move on once he sees his ex girlfriend at every corner of the life.

You should avoid those places which he used to mention that his ex loves or passes by. For example, it he used to say that his ex’s favorite food is Pizza, then skip pizza restaurants. If possible, encourage him to try something new and go to somewhere that he has not ever been before with his ex. Then, you can create new memories with him and remove all old memories of himself.

6. Give Him Newfound Freedom

If your crush was in the last relationship for a long time, then he might want to experience something that he was not able to do whilst he was with the ex , be it a hanging out with male friends, traveling alone to somewhere far away, or spending a whole week at home with his favorite game. You should let him do that. Be supportive and cool to him in order to let him understand that he needs a true break. Let him enjoy new things in a healthy way so that he can move on. Maybe, enjoying the single life for a while might be healthier than quickly jumping into a new relationship without considering much.

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7. Take Part In Physical Activities Together

Those physical activities could be either doing some simple exercises or having an intercourse. Just keep in mind one important thing: all aim to get his own body working so that his mind will not dwell on the hurtful past. Those physical activities could help him let go of those pent up emotions and feelings. Despite the former option is less complicated, if possible, you could consider creating mind-blowing physical intimacy experience that might just be what he really needs in order to forget his ex. [Read: how to make a guy laugh]
In case you could not, you could still encourage him to end up moping around in his home and go to the gym together. Do not forget to let him see your best assets.

8. Reconfirm His Self-Esteem And Confidence

Due to the unsuccessful relationship, he might feel less confidence about himself. Even, he might feel worthless and think that he cannot get someone else who is as great as his ex. So, that case, you should boost his confidence as well as self-esteem. Do it by complimenting him. Begin with something small like his new haircut or his tie, then when getting familiar, you move on to complimenting how great he is with his suits or how well he deal with a certain problem. Your purpose is to make him see himself in a much better way by giving him the right attention and support, or by expressing your respect and appreciation for the things he did for you.

Now, while still following the above tips on how to get a guy to forget his ex, you should bear in mind one thing: Be yourself and reward yourself. Women tend to spend much time on analyzing and scrutinizing their guy’s behavior, and not enough time on having fun themselves.

Also, do not try to be someone else, or be his ex just in order to make him love you more. That is not a good idea for a long term relationship.

Actually, there is no tried-and-true remedy to make a guy forget his ex, yet by being there for him, you can show him that life could be much greater even when his ex is not with him anymore. Though it takes time for him to completely get over his ex, you should be patient and support him without being a doormat. Your attempts will be pay off.