How to get a guy to text you back without being annoying: 15 tips

Every guy is different. There you sit, clutching your own phone. You wait, yet so far, no messages have come.  So, what you should do? How to get a guy to text you back right away without being annoying? Here uncovers top tips for women to get men to text them back.

How To Get A Guy To Text You Back – 15 Useful Tips

How To Get A Guy To Text You Back

1. Play Hard To Get

The first tip on how to get a guy to text you back is to play hard to get with him. Though this sounds difficult, it really works. When he texts you, you should not instantly respond. Simply a few hours and after that casually write him back.

2. Avoid Bombarding Him

If you think bombarding a guy with many messages will make him respond you, then you are wrong. If the guy has sent you a text message, answer it and play it cool. Fact is, it is not a good idea to fire off 3 or 4 text messages to him continuously one after another. The purpose is to make that guy want to text/talk with you. [Read: body language signs of attraction]

3. Pay Attention To Your Interests

As talking or texting with a man, you should mention to things in your life.  Do not let that guy think that he is all what you think about and actually you do not have other interest or a life outside of him. Just be interesting!

4. Acknowledge What Interests Him

When it comes to how to get a guy to text you back, learning what men secretly want is that every girl should know. If you understand a guy and other things he interested in, then this might help you a lot during conversation. Does he love playing guitar? You can try learning several things about his interests too so that you could chat with him the next time.

5. Avoid Making False Promises

Avoid promise to do something with a guy that you do not mean. Though some women use those kinds of promises for a‘shock value’, it seems to give entirely the wrong impression. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

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