How to get a guy who has a girl friend to like you: 8 effortless tips

You are attracted by someone, however, he has a girl friend already. Never mind, 8 tips on how to get a guy who has a girl friend handbook will help you. Some people may say that is an evil action but have you ever seen “You belong with me” of Taylor Swift. May be he and she is not the right one for each other, maybe he is treated uniquely. In that situation, may be your appearing is the chance for three of you. Don’t feel guilty when their breaking up will happen as an unavoidable result. Check out from!

How To Get A Guy Who Has A Girl Friend – 8 Surefire Tips

How to get a guy who has a girl friend

1. Appear At The Same Places With Him

At the beginning stage, you should spend a while finding out where he likes to go to. When you find out where is he favorite places, you can go there frequently. When you get there, don’t sit at a corner and look at him far away, you can attract his attention by take part in some activities with him like jogging at the park or dancing with him when you are at a bar. This is the very first point when it comes to how to get a guy who has a girl friend to like you, remember it. [Read: ways to flirt with a guy]

2. Dress Nice When You Appear Around Him

Want to know how to steal a guy? Remember, dress nice! If you have a perfect body with a beautiful face that is so awesome, you can easily to attract his attention. All guys always impress with a beautiful girl at the first sight. If you don’t have a perfect body that is fine, dress nicely with some lovely dress also can help you to drive his attention. You don’t need to put sexy clothes on, you still can you your favorite clothes which make you look elagant and confident. One more thing, let your gracious smile become your most beautiful jewelry.

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