How to get a guy’s number without being obvious – 7 ways

When you fall in love with a crush, then you may expect him to ask for your phone number. Nevertheless, what would stop you from getting his number? But you do not know how? Apart from the classic “napkin trick” or asking him directly, there are a variety of ways to ask for a guy’s number without being obvious, yet it is still difficult and could be scary if you do it. It is rather hard to read a man’s mind and there are also a lot of mixed signals sent from guys, yet with the right foolproof ways to ask for a guy’s number, you can get the number of your crush soon.
Here, we at introduce to you how to get a guy’s number without being obvious. Check out below!

How To Get A Guy’s Number Without Being Obvious – 7 Foolproof Ways

How to get a guy's number

1. Make A Joke

This might be the simplest way on how to get a guy’s number without being obvious you could do. You are witty and funny and have a great sense of humor, right? So, why don’t you use that characteristic to get your goal? Show it by “jokingly” asking for your crush’s number. You can say something like, “Well, if you had a phone number, it would be much easier to share my …” and then smile and laugh.

2. Ask A Common Friend

Despite you might think this is just something that kids do in junior high, it is still a good way when it comes to learning how to get a guy’s number. In case the two of you have common friends, then you could ask them for your crush’s number. Yet, you have to make sure that you will not look like a stalker.
Actually, it is better for you to go directly to ask him. If this is not possible, when calling him, you should present yourself, and tell him who gave you his phone number and where you met. By this way, he will not get upset with the friend giving his number.
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3. Pretend To Ask Him If He Has A Phone

It sounds weird, but it is totally an easy way to get a man’s number. You can ask him if he has a phone by casually mentioning that maybe he would like to give you his own phone number for safe keeping. The great thing when using this method is you give him a hint that you want to get his number, yet you do not have it express it. When you ask to get a man’s number, this way is playful but still elegant way at the same time.

4. Keep In Touch

If two of you are having an interesting conversation, you can tell him that you want to talk more. You can say, “I really have to go with my friends. I am going to meet trouble for talking to you longer. Yet, listen, why don’t’ you give me your phone number and we can keep talking over the phone.” According to Matthew Hussey, the world’s leading dating and relationship expert for women, who own the website, he says that there is something he likes about this way. When you first say that you have to go with your friends, then he will have the initial feeling in his gut of: “Oh, I have to do something now, she is going to go with her friends and I am not going to take her details.” That case, by saying “But before leaving, why don’t we exchange phone numbers?” you are making things easy for him. Then, you give him a relief. You could exchange phone numbers but you are still the one who actively leaves. That will not make you desperate.

In regard to learning how to get a guy’s number, you may want to give that man hints that you would like to get his phone number. Ask him if he might want to talk with you more, perhaps he will give up his number.
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5. Look Online For It

There are some people search websites where you could put a person’s name into and get their information like their phone number and their address. If that guy does not have his own place, or he still lives with his parents, then you need to search by his parents’ names, as there is a great chance the phone number will be in their name.

6. Request Him As A Friend On Social Channels

On the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, some people really put their phone number on the webpages. In case his phone number is not listed on the profile page, then you can send him a private message via the site and ask him if it is okay for you to call him. Actually, this is a creep way to get his number, so you had better make sure that you really want to use this manner. Be careful!
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7. Ask For His Business Number Card

Well, regarding ways on how to get a guy’s number, this is a great subtle way. Business cards, in reality, have been appeared for one reason: for those who can get in touch with each other. If you are wondering about the reasons to call a guy, you may want to ask for his business card. It makes you look professional. Perhaps, you can offer him your card first. This is a way to get the man in case he look super preoccupied with his occupation.
The above are 7 foolproof methods on how to get a guy’s phone number without being too obvious. If you find yourself keep asking that man for his phone number repeatedly, you should ask yourself if you are too desperate. Men do not like women who nag them for their phone number, so you may want to reconsider it.