How to get a man to commit to a relationship – 3 rules & 10 tips

7. Let Him Be Who He Really Is

A man just wants to be with a man with whom he could be completely himself. However, that does not mean doing typical things or being a jerk – it means he can express his true feelings as well as his real self. Help him do that by simply doing the same with him – be yourself, express your true feelings and your man will commit to you.

On the other hand, building a relationship, particularly a committed one on a lie is not a good start. Once the foundation is shaky, the whole relationship will also be. Just be yourself and see where that takes you. [Read: what do guys like in a girl besides her appearance]

8. Skip A Round Of Having Sex

It is not all about withholding sex, putting it off once in a while to forge the connection is the key. If you are busy turning on the heat, you could cool off with trips outside of your bedroom and flirty dates. This will show him your amazing personality traits as he already knows you have other serious skills.

9. Let Him Be The Hero

Men love ego enhancement, so one of the most effective ways on how to get a man to commit is to boost his self-esteem. The next time he comes to you, you can ask him to change the light bulb which is out of your reach or move some heavy boxes in your house. That will make him feel needed and feel proud of offering a helping hand to his sweetheart. Praise him after that! [Read: how to have a long term relationship]

10. Challenge Him

Have a debate with him regarding to a certain topic, be it about the casting picks or even script quality of a movie. Just simply put yourself in his shoe: when your date continually agrees with all things you say, so is there any excitement and fun? No, right? Hence, it is better for you to be the one who keeps your man thinking.

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