13 tips on how to get bigger boobs naturally without surgery

7. Eat Foods That Include Estrogen

Estrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for enhancing the size of your boobs, among other things. Although your own body can natural produce estrogen while you grow, there is no harm in focusing on consuming more foods with high estrogen content. This will help you boost boobs bigger. Some estrogen-boosting foods are chickpeas and lentils; lima and kidney beans; dairy products; spices like clover, oregano, and sage; grains; and vegetables like carrots, beets and cucumbers. [Read: nutrition tips for pregnant women]

8. Be Patient

With anything else in the life, you should be patient. The same goes for boosting your breasts. Asking yourself what tip on how to get bigger boobs naturally is a good place to begin with, yet you need persistence, patience, and time to see positive results. If you are an adolescent girl, you should wait for puberty to pass before deciding your boobs are too small. Usually, the boobs will develop in spurts so you might have a big change overnight in your boobs’ size.

9. Massage Them

If you want to get bigger boobs, you should give them a little bit of massage. This could be done daily or nightly and it will surely make your breasts bigger and larger.

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