13 tips on how to get bigger boobs naturally without surgery

10. Do Push-Up Exercises

Push-ups are not only good exercise for your biceps, yet they could also strengthen the pectoral muscles that are normally located below your boobs. Doing too many push-ups at once could strain your arms, so you should start by doing just 2-3 sets of 10 push-ups in a day, if your physical health is strong enough. If push-ups are rather new to you, then begin with 2 sets of 5 and work your way up. When you become a push-up professional, you could challenge yourself more each day. I know that it is pretty hard to imagine that doing push-ups could make your boobs larger and bigger, yet it does. [Read: yoga poses for weight loss]

11. Birth Control Pills

You may not recognize that birth control pills are packed with things like estrogen, so taking birth control pills will increase the amount of the estrogen hormone you are producing so that your breasts will be bigger. Yet, you need to get the advice from your doctor before starting this method.

12. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root is the natural herb which absolutely helps your own boobs grow and you could take it in the form of pill if you want. Yet, it is worth noting that you need to get help from experts or doctors as this special herb might interfere with other medicines. [Read: exercises to get rid of cellulite in thighs and legs]

13. Flax Seeds

When it comes to nutrition tips on how to get bigger breasts naturally, flax seeds should be counted on. These seeds could increase your breast tissue growth and really assist your boobs in growing larger and larger.

You have discovered top 13 tips on how to get bigger breasts naturally without surgery. Hopefully, these tips have given your some encouragement and healthy alternatives to implants or surgery. What are your favorite methods of boosting breasts? Share your thoughts with us below this article. We will feedback soon.

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