How to get over a breakup fast and forget: 9 tips to move on

Break ups hurt, but you have no choice, right? In the past, WikiYeah has introduced to you two article about how to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend; here, you will learn how to get over a breakup fast when you are a mess.

Break ups are sometimes inevitable. No one would like to involve in a bad break up as it is pitiful. A relationship in which both parties move away from each other or end up meeting new partners seems better than the common break up.

You have broken up and feel hurting, but you still need to move on. You have no choice. In reality, your determination and your will power is considered as the only thing which matters when it comes to learning how to get over a breakup.

How To Get Over A Breakup – 9 Tried and True Tips

How to get over a breakup
How to get over a breakup

1. Learn To Accept

When it comes to learning how to get over a breakup, you need to learn to accept the fact. Acceptance is the biggest barrier after a break up. Most people constantly expect for a second chance or constantly hope that their exes will want them back. However, if you still keep that belief of hope and constantly think of your ex, you will always struggle with pain and misery. Heartbreak, indeed, is not the end of the world.

In order to understand how to get over a break up, you should have enough strength to truly accept the fact that your relationship is done. If your ex does not crawl back to you afterwards, then you should remind yourself that you will not and should not get back with your ex.

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2. Avoid Writing Letters

After a breakup, people often get into a common circumstance that is when they feel down or listen to romantic songs or get drunk, they have a constant itch to have create a connection with their ex. Yet, never do so unless you bump into unknowingly. Normally, it will weaken your determination to get over your ex.

If you want to write a long letter to your ex, then do it yet do not send it. Keep that draft overnight. The next morning, you will realize that it was just a weak moment and you feel lucky because you have not sent it yet. By stopping for a moment, you feel stronger about your resolve. This rule also applies to texts and phone calls too.

If there is an uncontrollable urge of texting or calling your ex, then do not stop yourself. Rather than, you just need to persuade yourself that you will call in the next morning if you still feel like it.  Every time you put away an email or a phone call, then you will feel confident about getting over your ex and moving on.

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3. Handle Your Addiction For Them

Exes are really an addiction, like other life threatening addictions. And, you could not cut off it at a time. There is no choice for you. So, avoid contact with them. It might hurt you at that time, but you will feel much better later.

To handle the addiction from your ex, you should treat your ex like you are treating a addiction. That way, you will start seeing them as something bad for your current life.

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