How to get over a girl you like who doesn’t like you back

7. Do Not Try To Be A New Guy

You should not change yourself around her after hearing from her that she does not like you. Also, you need to avoid behaving stiffly or act too moody as she is around. If you do that, she might even avoid you more as you are acting so weird. You will be the only person who is painful even more. Fact is, she does not like you even when you try to get her own attention by avoiding her, she will still not care. [Read: things women want in a man]

8. Avoid Behaving Like A Hopeless Romantic

Some guys often get drunk or talk endlessly about the girls they like but do not like them back. In reality, those guys are not doing themselves a favor. What you need to do is to learn from experience and try to avoid the similar mistakes in the future.

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