How to get over a girl you like who doesn’t like you back

9. Give Up

You can share what you think with that girl just one more times if you actually want to do so, yet in such a causal way. If that still does not work, then that is the time for you to give up. Do not hope for her “yes” answer again. Keeping your hope alive will just stunt yourself from being a better man. [Read: cute things to say to your girl friend]

10. Avoid Looking At Her As A Prize

Well, have you ever thought that if you get richer, that girl will date with you or if you start behaving better, she will date with you? These are some common thoughts of guys who did not achieve the love they want. Those lines just make them more miserable. They just only make themselves more vulnerable t heartbreak because quite frankly, she does not and will not care about you anymore.

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