How to get over a girl you like who doesn’t like you back

11. Avoid Plotting Revenge

Remember that she is the human being and has the right to say no to you if she does not like. This is likely you have the right to say no to the other girl who you do not like. Accept that truth and move one. Plotting revenge just stagnate the life and leave yourself obsessing about that girl even more.

12. Find Another Girl To Pursue

The last tip on how to get over a girl you like who does not like you back is to always helpful. Find another girl to pursue. You only can get over someone when you find another target to achieve. You have your chance and you lost it. So, now screw it and start moving on. Learn from the mistakes and find other girls to get attracted to. Once you make the right moves, then you will get the girl you like soon and of course, get over that girl who broke your heart concurrently.

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