6 Steps on How to Get Over a Husband Kissing Another Woman

If you are wondering what to do when you see your husband kissing another woman? Then, you are at the right place because here we from WikiYeah.com will expose to you the right way on how to get over a husband kissing another woman.

The moment you know that your husband kissed another woman, you obviously felt betrayed. It is totally normal, but your husband may not feel like that it was a big problem. According to a study, people have different views about infidelity and what constitutes it. Some men consider the action of kissing another woman, not their wives is innocent and they might be in reality. To know how to get over a husband kissing another woman, you should read thoroughly the following steps:

How To Get Over A Husband Kissing Another Woman – 6 Must-Take Steps

How to get over a husband kissing another woman

1. Address Why The Kiss Happened

This is the first step when it comes to learning how to get over a husband kissing another woman. That means you should determine the circumstance of the kiss. If your husband’s intention was innocent like welcoming an old friend or comforting a good friend, then you can be relaxed as the kiss was not what you thought. If there were some extenuating contexts for that kiss, like a mix of fear and alcohol, then you could forget that issue and focus on working your relationship out.

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2. Take Things Slowly

Of course, you may feel shocked, hurt and angry at first. Betrayal (if yes) will not disappear overnight. Thus, it is important to give yourself enough time to calm down. You had better avoid trying to rationalize the behaviors of your husband or blaming yourself for his action of betrayal. Whatever the problems are in your marriage, your partner was still wrong when kissing another woman. You need to accept that it is very normal for you to react with anger. You might have difficulty in sleeping and feel lethargic. Or, you may be struggling to focus and find yourself flooded with thoughts about your husband and that woman. Also, it is common to withdraw from friends and family as you do not want them to know what happened. A lack of appetite and excessive crying are normal as well.

3. Build / Rebuild Trust

This is one of the most important steps on how to get over a husband kissing another woman. If your husband said that the kiss was regrettable or innocent, then you could discuss what you want from your husband related to rebuilding the trust between the two of you. It is very important to heal broken trust if you want to maintain your relationship healthily. You can require your husband to avoid kissing another woman on their lips or even require him to report about what he does all the times and to prove the trustworthiness and accountability till he regains your trust. Once he agrees with the terms you give, then discuss with him on how to resolve what led to the kiss.

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4. Decide Whether Or Not Your Want To Save Your Marriage

Remember that a marriage does not have to end due to infidelity. Handling the infidelity in the smart ways is very crucial to getting over and creating a healthier, stronger marriage. If you two want to save the marriage and move forwards, then resolve the incident to forgive your partner.

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5. Identify Priorities

To know how to get over a husband kissing another woman, you need to identify your priorities. When you find out that the intentions of your husband when kissing another woman originated from emotional and romantic feelings, then you should acknowledge if his actions are prepared for the end of your relationship. A marriage which survives infidelity should because of the mutual love, not any other reasons like children, economics or a feeling of obligation. Once you identify that your priorities are salvaging the marriage, you can go to a counselor for good consultations.

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6. Negotiate The Future

Negotiate the acceptable as well as forbidden actions in your relationship. This can be called an agreement of the marriage. It means you need to clarify the acceptable demands and behaviors, such as not hugging (romantically) or kissing anyone else but your partner on the lips, or informing your partner if you meet your ex. Concentrate on supporting and maintaining the marriage in practical ways and win-win solutions no matter how the agreement appears to people outside of the relationship. That agreement will make it easier for both of you to forget the unexpected kiss and move forwards in a healthier, stronger relationship.