How to get revenge on your ex boyfriend for dumping you – 7 tips

How long have you been broken up? Whether it is for two days, two weeks, two months or even two years, sometimes you may still have thoughts of getting revenge on your ex. Maybe, he cheated on you and your heart was broken. The feeling of anger and hurt leading to wanting to get revenge are the ones that most of us feel at some point of our lives. Well, the idea of how to get revenge on your ex may not be approved by most of people, but there are still some people searching for such tips. When it comes to getting revenge on your ex, it is about doing something to make his life miserable, be it losing job or something similar. Maybe, the thought of messing with his possessions also crosses your mind. There are a lot of ways you could get revenge against your ex, yet there are consequences you may face with even if you do not get caught. Spending too much time on those negative thoughts is not good for your spiritual health.

The followings are ways on how to get revenge on your ex T that will help you feel better after breakup. Take a look at!

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex – 7 Useful Ways

How to get revenge on your ex

1. Stop All Communication

One of the simplest ways on how to get revenge on your ex is to cut off all communication. As long as you still think of your ex and let him know, he will get the upper hand. Despite you always stroke his ego and annoys him, he is still well aware that you are not getting over him and he might use it against you. Therefore, to revenge on your ex, cut off communication. It is no need to explain more. Get the help from your friends if you find hard to resist the urge of communicating with him through texts, phone calls or social media. Delete his account from your Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It is not necessary to see his face surprise you day by day. Even you can block him if it is the best for you.

When you cut off communication, it will make him curious. He may think you have found someone else to care for, not him, and it drives him crazy. It is a sweet revenge. If you can find some new friends or hobbies, that is even better. It makes you busy and does not think about him much.

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2. Change Your Stuff

Another common way on how to get revenge on your ex is to try new things. You have broken up, you can make over yourself by heading to the hair salon for a cut and color or going to a stylist to change your style. As an alternative, you can go shopping for a new wardrobe. Then, put on your attractive outfit, do your makeup and your hair and pretend like accidentally cross to him in a public space. That way, he will stare at you when you walk away. It is what you need when getting on revenge him. Do not let him know that you acknowledge he is currently watching you. Ask some friends to watch for his behaviors and reactions.

3. Be Friendly

Show how comfortable you are when being around him. Do not avoid his gaze. If you accidentally meet him, just simply say “hi” and act as though you have no problem with him, even though you may feel quite upset inside. This is considered as a good way to get revenge on your ex as it makes him be curious about your thoughts now. Fake it until you make it. You can try to do it if you know that you will see him often. Sometimes, it is hard to cut all strings when you break up with a man, after all.

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