How to get rid of a skin mole naturally without surgery: 9 remedies

Moles, also known as nevi, could be defined as those pigmented skin cells which are small, often dark brown spots. However, moles could develop in different color, such as red, brown and even black. The moles could be found on face and many other body parts.

When the skin cells in the skin develop in a cluster and don’t get spread throughout the skin, moles develop. Most moles appear among people at the age of 20 to 30. They could be raised or flat, smooth or rough, without or with hair. Some contributing factors like hormonal fluctuations, genetics, and sun exposure affect the appearance as well as number of moles on your skin.

Normally, some moles will disappear after a certain amount of time when people get aged, but not all of them fade like that. Some people concern so much about this problem as it impacts their look. So, if you are among those people, before going to dermatologist or doctor, consider using some home remedies below which can help you know how to get rid of a skin mole naturally without surgery.  Some information in this entry is referred from WebMD and Top10Homeremedies. Take a look from!

How To Get Rid Of A Skin Mole Naturally – 9 Useful Home Remedies

How to get rid of a skin mole

1. Garlic

For those who want to know how to get rid of a skin mole without surgery, this is reckoned as one of the cheapest and simplest home remedies you can apply now. In garlic, there are some enzymes which help break down the cell clusters making these moles. Using it will help the cells spread normally into the skin and lighten up the dark pigmentation.
Here’re steps:
• Crush one fresh garlic glove, place it over the moles
• Cover it up with a bandage, leave it there till the next morning or no less than 4 hours
• Apply this method several days to get the moles fall off.
It is said that after 5 days of applying this method regularly, you could see positive results.
However, before applying garlic, you should make sure that the area is disinfected with the help of alcohol or another disinfectant.
Note: this application can sometimes cause irritation and redness.

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2. Iodine

If you find garlic too strong in regard to smell, then you can use iodine, which is safe to use even for those with sensitive skin.
• Just simply dip a q tip into the iodine, place it over your moles
• Apply this thrice per day for several days.
• That way, you will notice a good change in your moles’ appearance.
• Wait for several days and keep doing this process till your moles fall off

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Having acid content, this is a popular home remedy for moles and other health problems. It helps scab the mole and make it fall off throughout the time.
Here’re steps:
• Dip a cotton ball into apple cider vinegar, place it over your infected area.
• Cover it up with a bandage / medical tape and leave it there overnight
• Apply it for 10 days till your moles disappear
As an alternative, you can:
• Rub warm water on moles or lightly scrape the surface using an emery board before applying apple cider vinegar over it till it gets white.
• Leave it there till it gets dry naturally
• Do it a few times per day
Remember that ACV can make the moles worse in the first few days, yet it will get better in just one week. In case it leaves scars, then you can use coconut oil to deal with the problem.
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