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You have a bulge around your bra, and you want to eliminate them now? It does not matter how much you weigh or how big your boobs are, most of women have experienced that annoying bulge around their bra area. Fortunately, there are several exercises to eradicate bra fat and they are simple-to-follow. At the same time, practicing these exercises also help you sculpt your whole back. Take a look at top 9 exercises on how to get rid of bra fat and bulge from Wikiyeah.com here!

How To Get Rid Of Bra Fat At Home – 9 Super-Easy Exercises

1. Plank Drops

This is one of the favorite exercises of many celebrities, when it comes to exercises on how to get rid of bra fat. They are so easy-to-follow and also great for the score as well.

  • To start, you get into a usual plank position on both forearms
  • Hold your own core tightly and start lowering the chest slightly. That way, you are going to feel the shoulders squeeze in, thereby helping shed away bra fat.
  • Keep this position for about 10 seconds. Practice 10-20 sets at a time

You see? This first exercise on how to get rid of bra fat does not take from you too much energy and time to practice at home.  [Read: how to tighten skin after weight loss]

2. Push-Ups

This is a classic exercise  on how to get rid of bra fat, yet it is so effective. In fact, not only will they help you burn that stubborn bra bulge, but they also make the arms look lean and great too. You had better do this for a few sets at a time.

In case you do not feel comfortable with the classic push-up, you can try beginning with your knees on the floor first. Do this 10-20 sets at a time to get good results of keeping pesky bra fat at bay. [Read: how to get a bigger bum in 1 month]

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