How to get rid of dull skin on face naturally at home: 9 remedies

7. Cucumber And Orange Mixture

You can also mix 2 teaspoons of cucumber with the same amount of orange juice along with 1 teaspoon of rice flour. Then, apply the paste over your face. It will exfoliate the skin well and make your complexion much lighter. Also, it rejuvenates your skin, making it glowing and healthy.

8. Eat Smarter

You are what you eat. So, if you don’t choose food and drinks wisely, your skin will reflect your wrong choice. Regularly drinking caffeine, booze will dehydrate your skin. On the other hand, sugary foods may break down the elastin and collagen of your skin over time, thereby dulling skin. If you could not cut back on coffee, then you should drink plenty of water, eat more colorful veggies. They will help balance the pH level of your skin, making your skin more glowing. Also, don’t forget taking enough sleep. Skin cells will turn over whilst you sleep, so getting enough sleep and rest makes a great difference in your skin condition.

9. Exercise For Dull Skin

Apart from the home remedies mentioned above, to get rid of dull skin, you need to get healthy skin from inside out. Exercise is a good way to make your skin radiant, fresh and young. Working out regularly will remove the impurities on your skin through sweat. There are a lot of benefits of sweating you can take, not only for your skin health, but also your whole body. Exercise helps your body get healthy. A healthy body means healthy skin.

There, you have known 9 best home remedies on how to get rid of dull skin on face naturally. These methods are easy and effective that can be done at home without too much cost. But, make sure that you are consistent and persistent to follow them to get long-term results.

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