10 best ways on how to get rid of hiccups fast in babies & adults

Do you know that the purpose of hiccups is pushing air from the stomach? It is shown that the hiccup reflex in those infants might be triggered by the presence of the air within their stomach and that the hiccups act as the burping mechanism to let babies drink more milk. Hiccups could come at the most inconvenient times – when you are in public. In fact, people often try some subtle methods in order to take control of their hiccuping. Some of those methods involve taking glasses of water and gentle pressure. If you really want to know how to get rid of hiccups in babies and adults, then you should read on top 30 time-tested techniques to stop hiccups. Check out from Wikiyeah.com!

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups – Ways To Stop Hiccuping In Babies & Adults

How to get rid of hiccups
How to get rid of hiccups

1. Cures That Involve Your Breath Without Tools

When it comes to tips on how to get rid of hiccups, the following breath-involved cures are based on the theory that you will distract your breathing for a while, promoting a buildup of carbon dioxide within your own lungs, thereby your diaphragm will relax.
• Swallow air
• Laugh
• Take A Deep Breath
• Hyperventilate
• Sing out loud
• Scream for as long as possible
• Relax and breathe from the diaphragm
• Inhale and exhale once a second for 2 minutes
• Take 3-5 deep breaths possible
• Blow on the thumb
• Hold the breath for 8 seconds, as long as you could
• Inhale some air into the stomach, let out as loud a belch s possible
• Keep your breath with the stomach sucked in till the hiccups disappear
• Inhale slowly and stop briefly; exhaled slowly, stop brief, repeat this a few times
• Exhale slowly from 10-12 seconds, exhale slowly without pause. Repeat for 5-6 times
• Inhale deeply and slowly, keep your own breath for a count to 20; exhale slowly and carefully. Repeat the routine 3-4 times
• Inhale to fill the lungs as well as diaphragm entirely; keep the lungs full with trachea open as long as possible.
• Breathe the air in using the mouth and as deep as possible. Start a count to 10; stop, breath out with a sigh.
• Alternate inhaling and swallowing with no exhaling – squeeze the nose shut with the fingers if you need till you could no longer swallow, and then exhale
• Sit quietly with straight posture; breathe deeply and slowly using your diaphragm, follow by breathing through the nose as carefully and slowly as possible
• Lie down straight and flat on the floor, pres the two fists against the belly; breathe deeply
• Keep the arms out like a cross, breathe in as slowly and deeply as possible; bring the hands together right in front of you as carefully and slowly as possible. When the hands touch, you breathe out entirely as slowly and carefully as you could. After that, take a slow breath in.
• Take a deep and slow breath (about 10 seconds), near the end of that breath, you should feel a type of shudder in the diaphragm. After that shudder, you return to normal breathing.

2. Use The Hands

To know how to get rid of hiccups using your hands, you should press the palm of one of your hands with the thumb of the other hand. As an alternatively, you could squeeze the ball of the right thumb between the thumb and forefinger of the left. Due to the discomfort you are causing, there will be a distraction that impacts your own nervous system and might stop hiccuping.

3. Cover The Mouth

Another way on how to get rid of hiccups is to cup both your two hands over the nose as well as mouth, yet keep breathing as usual. That way, you will get hiccup relief from the additional dose of carbon dioxide.

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