How to get rid of oral thrush in adults & infants: 12 home remedies

7. Try Vitamin C And A Zinc Lozenge
How to get rid of oral thrush? Go for vitamin C and zinc lozenges. Vitamin C and zinc lozenges will be useful in healing different issues impacting your gums, mouth and tongue. It is highly recommended that people should use lozenges for their mouth ulcers, sore throats, poor immune function, and a cold sore (herpes simplex) outbreak or for influenza and colds in general. You had better suck on one of these lozenges every 2 hours and you are going to find quick relief. [Read: how to get rid of cold sores naturally]

8. Avoid Steroidal Drugs As Well As Antibiotics
It is shown that one of the biggest causes of an oral thrush or throat yeast infection is antibiotics or inhaled steroids. Normally, pharmaceutical drugs are a commonly skipped cause of yeast infections. Thus, those people who take an antibiotic will not only discover that they are likely to suffer from diarrhea and an upset digestive system

9. Nursing Pads
In case you are breast-feeding and suffering from a fungal infection, use nursing pads to help prevent the yeast infection from spreading to your clothes. Look for the pads which do not have any plastic barrier because it will promote the development of candida.

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