9 tips on how to get rid of peeling skin on face, hands & feet

#4. Aloe

Among many skin care tips on how to get rid of peeling skin, aloe Vera might be the most common. Aloe has traditionally been known as one of the remedy caring for all skin types, from normal skin to sensitive one. To treat flaky skin, you can cut leaf aloe to take its and apply in the skin. The substance in the aloe will help cool, moisturize and reduce inflammation for your affected skin. [Read: how to get rid of chapped lips]

#5. Oatmeal

There are many benefits of oatmeal people can take advantage of, and this is one of the most little-know ones. You can soak in a tub of water mixed with oatmeal, or you can mix oatmeal with water and apply on the peeling spots. [Read: how to get pink lips]

#6. Moisturizers

Every day we usually wash your hands several times, but not always we use products moisturizing for your hands. But if skin is peeling due to dryness, the best way to cure flaky skin is to use a moisturizer after washing your hands. Moisturizer extracted from natural materials or attar is more beneficial for your skin. [Read: how to treat acne scars naturally]

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