How to get rid of skin tags at home fast & painlessly: 9 ways

Skin tags are flesh-colored, small growths that could grow on anybody at any time of their life. Fact is, they are so popular that about 40-50% of all matures will at least get them at some point of their life. If there are just one or two small skin tags, then there will not become a real problem, yet for some people, they develop multiple skin tags that are often found the armpits, neck, around the groin and even the breasts. In some cases, skin tags even develop on the eyelids or right under the folds of buttocks. Skin tags often develop in those older people or those with diabetes. Besides, pregnant women are also more likely to get this problem, which is caused by some changes in their hormone levels. For a minority of people, they develop skin tags for no apparent reason.
Yet, people often misunderstand between skin tags and warts. If you are among them, check some differences between two these problems:
• Skin tags are soft and smooth. Warts might be rougher with the irregular surface.
• Skin tags often hang off skin and are knobby. Warts are often flat.
• Skin tags in fact are not contagious. Warts can spread easily. Thus, if there is a sudden outbreak of growths, then chances are they are warts.
If you do have a skin tag on a highly visible area, like the eyelids, face, neck or groin, you might wish to remove it. Fortunately, this article will give you some simple tips on how to get rid of skin tags at home fast and painlessly. Take a look from!

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags At Home – 9 Quick But Effective Ways

How to get rid of skin tags at home

1. Oregano Oil

Containing arvacol, thymol and p-cymene – the three kinds of phenolic terpenoids components which have powerful antibacterial properties, oregano oil is a great tip for those who want to know how to get rid of skin tags. Besides, oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-oxidative, and antiseptic properties, helping rapidly remove skin tags in about just 1 month.
Here is how to get rid of skin tags at home using oregano oil:
• Mix 4-6 drops of coconut oil with 2-3 drops of oregano oil
• Apply this directly to your problematic areas thrice per day
This will make skin tag fall off on its own. Yet, you should make sure that you use a carrier oil in order to dilute the oregano oil as if used alone, it might cause irritation and redness.
Caution: do not use this oil near your eyes.

2. Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to natural ways on how to get rid of skin tags from your body, tea tree oil is highly recommended. This essential oil has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and works out to dry out skin tags so that it will fall off on its own.
Here is how to do it:
• Soak a clean cotton ball in the combination of 3 drops of tea tree oil and a proper amount of water
• After cleansing thoroughly the skin tag as well as its surrounding area and letting it dry, you use a cotton swab onto the area, massage it.
• Do this 3 times per day for 2-4 weeks to get good results.
Caution: use water to dilute the tea tree oil as if used alone, it might cause irritation.
You can use castor oil as an alternative choice for tea tree oil. It could be used both externally and internally.

3. Vitamin E

Considered as the best treatment for skin tag removal, vitamin E is widely used almost without side effects. Here is how to do it:
• Rub vitamin E oil over the lesion or skin tags twice to thrice per day
• You can combine garlic with vitamin E for better results
• Leave it there overnight
• Do this 2-4 weeks
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