How to get rid of superglue on skin fast – 10 effective ways

Have you ever met the situation that superglue sticks to your fingers and you get trouble with this? There are times when substances like Super Glue stick to your skin. You try to wash it off with soap and water, yet still cannot. Some might choose to leave it as it is and hope that after several days, it will be cleared up on its own.
Super Glue, in fact, is among the most powerful adhesive and removing it is an extremely daunting task itself. When using super glue, the strength of it has caused a lot of problems for people who find that they have accidentally gotten this on their own skin. Once this occurs, they need to know how to get rid of superglue on skin fast. If you are among those people, you should read on this entry as here we from will give you some of the most effective ways to remove superglue on skin fast.

How To Get Rid Of Superglue On Skin – 10 Home Remedies

How to get rid of superglue on skin

1. Scrape The Glue Off The Skin

It may take one hour before your own fingers come apart and about two days before it is completely gone, yet it will come off naturally on its own. You just need to lightly work your fingers back and forth, or rub the glue or scrape the glue off your skin.
Scraping the glue off your skin is suitable if the glue on the skin is rather thick. Letting it dry and peeling it off the skin has worked successfully for a lot of cases. Nevertheless, if you begin to feel burning or pain, then you need to stop doing so.

2. Make Use Of Acetone

To know how to get rid of superglue on skin fast, you can utilize nail polish. This is one of the most popular means for super glue removal people use. Nevertheless, if you have sensitive skin, it might not be suitable for you. Here’re steps:
• Wash your hands, and dry them up. Apply some acetone onto your affected skin
• Let it air dry and start peeling the glue off because the acetone could loosen it. If it is hard, you could use a nail file to get the super glue off, but be careful.
Do not use this method on the skin area near your eyes or lips. Because acetone is rather toxic, so if possible, avoid using it too much. Just use the smallest amount necessary acetone to eliminate the glue.

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3. Petroleum Jelly

The next tip on how to get rid of superglue on skin is to use petroleum jelly. In fact, some typical lip balms consist of petroleum jelly. Check the product label to know if there is petroleum jelly or not. What you need to do is:
• Massage your skin with petroleum jelly for several minutes
• This will not only help you remove super glue on your skin, but also prevent further damage on your skin.

4. Butter

Rather similar to petroleum jelly, margarine or butter is another great solution on how to get rid of superglue on skin. Rubbing this over your skin can loosen the glue. Keep repeating it a couple of times till you could peel off the glue.

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