How to get rid of the flu symptoms fast: 16 effective ways

Unlike other similar articles about “How to get rid of the flu” published on the Internet today, in this article, will give you specific ways to relieve each of symptoms of the flu the natural ways.

The following tips on how to get rid of the flu symptoms fast, which are used for generations can help you ease groups of flu symptoms by helping your body confront with the flu virus effectively.

I. How To Get Rid Of The Flu Fast – 7 Methods For Flu Symptom: Stuffy Sinuses

How to get rid of the flu
How to get rid of the flu

1. Warm Showering

The first tip on how to get rid of the flu symptoms, particularly stuffy sinuses is to take a warm shower. Getting in a warm shower can work as your personal sauna. The steamy bathroom could open your own airways, moisten and think your sinus mucus.  [Read: what is swine flu]

2. Breathe The Aromatic Steam 

Take a large bowl; add 2 tablespoons of the chopped fresh ginger. Then, drape a cloth over your head and lean over the steam to reap maximum benefit. Another method is to add several drops of oil eucalyptus or menthol to water. Actually, eucalyptus can help open up bronchial tubes, relieve congestion and make your breathing easier.

3. Drink More Water

By staying hydrated, with the help of at least 8 cups of water each day, you can keep your respiratory system hydrated, helping liquefy the thick mucus that builds up with the infection of respiratory system. In addition, you had better opt for hot liquids over cold ones to get better results. Other liquids could be used, but avoid using tea with caffeine, coffee, or alcoholic drinks because they might lead to dehydration. [Read: symptoms of drinking too much water]

4. Use Moist Heat Compresses

If you feel it is hard to breathe normally through your nose, then you might find relief by applying the warm moist compresses to the sinuses and cheeks. When using moist heat, warrant that it does not burn yourself.

5. Try Saline Sprays Or Nasal Saline Irrigation

It is shown that nasal saline irrigation is considered an effective remedy for the flu. Additionally, the nasal rinse could be beneficial in removing virus particles as well as bacteria from the nose. Salt water – saline nasal sprays could be bought at any grocery or drug store and are safe even for kids. [Read: home remedies for asthma attacks]

6. Decongestant Nasal Sprays

To get an immediate relief for a congested, swollen nasal passage, go for decongestant nasal sprays which are safe to use. However, do not forget to stop the spray after 3 days in order to avoid the growth of rebound congestion.

7. Avoid Flying If Not Necessary

Aside from the methods above, it is better for to you avoid flying unless essential. The modification in the air pressure might stress out your upper respiratory system. Flying with a flu or cold congestion could hurt the eardrums as a consequence of pressure modifications during the process of takeoff and landing. If you have to fly, you can use a decongestant and a nasal spray before takeoff and landing. Other simple methods could be swallowing regularly and chewing gums.

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