How to get rid of unwanted facial hair fast: 12 natural home remedies

10. Banana, Oatmeal

The scrubbing pack made from banana and oatmeal can be a good solution for those who want to know how to get rid of unwanted facial hair naturally at home. Banana can get your skin softer, yet just only using banana cannot help remove your facial hair. When combining banana with oatmeal or something which is a little bit rough, it will exfoliate your skin and remove the hair off. Also, oatmeal is an excellent cleanser for your skin.
What you need to do:

• Mash 1 ripe banana and add 1-2 teaspoon of oatmeal to it
• Apply the paste over your face and start rubbing in the circular motion
• After rubbing for 15 minutes or so, you rinse it off with clean water
• Repeat the routine 2 times per week

11. Sugar, Molasses

The combination of sugar, lemon and honey is a great home remedy for removing unwanted facial hair that most girls acknowledge, yet not many of them know that molasses-sugar homemade wax can also bring the same effect.
What you need to do:

• Place 1 safe cup of sugar in the microwave
• Top this with an enough amount of molasses / dark corn syrup
• Wait for a few minutes before microwaving for 2 to 3 minutes till the sugar is dissolved. Do it more if necessary
• After that, add lemon juice of ½ lemon to that mixture
• Keep stirring it well
• Let it cool down for a few minutes, but it should still be warm, not cold before applying it over your facial skin. Apply it over your face, use a cloth strip / waxing strip to pull the hair off

12. Papaya, Turmeric

Having bleaching properties, papaya is useful in lightening unwanted facial hair. Though it is not a solution to remove facial hair, but by lightening the hair color, you can make excessive facial hair less obvious on your face.
What you need to do:

• Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder with raw papaya pub.
• Massage the face with this mixture, leave it there for 15 minutes
• Wash it off
• Do this once per week

In order to get rid of unwanted facial hair faster, you should apply one or more of these mentioned above remedies at the same time. Besides, if you want to reduce the excessive growth of facial hair, you should also pay more attention to your diet plan. That means you had better consume greater amounts of a compound named phytoestrogen to get your hormonal level balance. The foods containing high amount of these phytoestrogens are licorice, fennel, Gotu Kola, flaxseeds, and alfalfa.

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