How to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on face: 12 natural ways

10. Use Spirulina As Supplement

Spirulina is the deep sea algae which is extremely rich in protein with p to 4 grams per tablespoon, and is also rich in chlorophyll, vitamin A, B12, and iron. It is considered as one of the best foods for healthy skin. Because it is a deep green color, it could turn some individuals off because of the smell and color. You could purchase it as a powder or a tablet. Take a tablet, use a powder in a smoothie or mix it into a juice. Aside from beauty benefits, by using spirulina, you will get many other ones, such as sugar craving elimination, headache and fatigue reduction, and mental clarity enhancement. [Read: homemade natural face masks]

11. Use Moisturizer

The power of moisturizers might not be appreciated well. Women often overlook the role of a moisturizer in their beautifying routine. Skin that is moist simply looks better, so creases and lines are far less noticeable. [Read: how to get rid of peeling skin]

12. Get Adequate Sleep

The last one tip on how to get rid of wrinkles is to take enough sleep. To prevent getting fine lines, your own body needs sleep. The human skin sheds its skin cells and then repairs itself through sleeping process, giving you new skin cells. By this way, you can not only look younger, but also have less fine lines and wrinkles. You will look radiant, and refreshed, not tired and stressed. Just simply take 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day, no matter what.[Read: how to get better sleep]

In addition to the specific simple ways on how to get rid of wrinkles above, you also need to drink enough of water, maintain a healthy lifestyle, control stress levels, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and do exercise regularly. That way, you can slow down the aging process effectively.

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