How to get softer skin naturally – 11 most important tips

Do you want to get softer and smoother skin? Are you suffering from dry and rough skin when touching it? The fact is, the skin is the largest body part of the human body and also the most valuable one. Heat, pollution, harsh chemicals, sun exposure, and heavy makeup all make your skin more rough and dry. Despite there are plenty of skin care products which promise to help you get baby soft, flawless and smooth skin, most of them either are expensive or have harsh ingredients which are not good for your skin if used in the long term.
Fortunately, you always have other cheap but effective options that could make your skin clear, smooth and soft. They are natural ingredients which are readily available around your house. Take a look from WikiYeah to discover some useful tips on how to get softer skin naturally and safely!

How to get softer skin

1. Scrub Your Skin

Cleanse your own skin daily with soap free body wash, plain water with the help of a soft sponge. Try to apply the body wash with sponge following the circular motions to make blood circulation better. Yet, do not scrub too hardly if you have acne as it makes your problem worse and even leave scars. If you could not make your homemade facial scrubs, opt for the products containing synthetic beads, sugar. These particles are more uniform in shape than the ones in fruit scrubs and also less damaging to your skin.

2. Exfoliate

One of basic tips on how to get softer skin is to exfoliate your skin once per week. Exfoliating will help your skin get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil as well that make your skin dull. As a result, your skin will get softer. To get better results, you should steam your skin first before exfoliating. Steaming will open your skin pores and make it easier for you to exfoliate skin and remove impurities rapidly.

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3. Use Almond Oil / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil

With moisturizing properties, almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil could help moisturize your skin and provide vitamin E to your skin, making it smooth. It can also fight off acne-causing bacteria thanks to the antibacterial properties and also is good for decreasing blemishes and scars. Yet, if you are easily allergic to some essential oils for face, you should try it first on the inner wrist area.
Use a cotton swab to dip into the coconut oil or olive oil and apply it directly on your skin before sleep. The next morning, you can rinse your skin off with daily gentle wash. Do not forget moisturize your skin afterwards.  This method is used by a lot of celebrities to make their skin silky.

4. Massage It

One of simple ways to get softer skin is to massage it. Massaging your skin will increase the blood circulation as well as oxygen flow to your skin. As a result, this makes your skin more glowing and softer. Also, massage helps improve the flexibility of your skin texture.

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