How to get straight teeth without braces? 5 crucial tips

Smile is considered as the first thing coming under limelight when a person meets a new one. Considered as the visually prominent traits of a person’s face, perfectly straight teeth could make the whole symmetry of the face desirable and better. Unluckily, not all of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth and a bright smile. However, because the technology is developing significantly and making nearly everything possible, there are some specific ways on how to get straight teeth with or without braces introduced by orthodontists. These ways will not only help align but also strengthen the human teeth in a set span of time.

Despite braces is the single answer that people can use when it comes to something trustworthy and effective, there are still other methods helping people get aligned teeth without undergoing any process like using braces. What you need is a little dedication along with will power to complete it. The followings are some of the best ways to help you know how to get straight teeth without braces at home.

How To Get Straight Teeth Without Braces – 5 Important Tips

How to get straight teeth without braces

#1 – Removable Plastic Aligners

In regard to tips on how to get straight teeth without braces, these clear removable aligners are reckoned as the best manner for those who do not want to experience the pain of having wired braces on for many months or even years. It is easily for you to get these aligners from market and you can wear them and take them off nearly whenever you want. Because these aligners are clear, so the teeth will not look aesthetic whilst you use them. Besides, in the process like this, it is not necessary for you to take any guidance from the dentist because this is exactly do-it-yourself procedure. Just a little consistency and patience is all what you need and trust me, you will see the good results soon. [Read: ways to whiten teeth at home]

#2 – Acknowledge The Work Of Braces

In order to know how to get straight teeth, you should acknowledge how braces work. In fact, the set of braces are really used in order to put a certain pressure on the human teeth and lined them up well when you want them. Keep in mind that your teeth are moveable, not still; therefore, all you need is the proper amount of right pressure on them. As a home treatment, you can make use of dental floss to tie it around the teeth and put a small amount of pressure on them. In case there is just only one tooth or two that need some change, you could fix them up easily by taking advantage of dental floss. Nonetheless, be careful because using dental floss improperly or erroneously might cause trouble. Or, if you do not want to use dental floss, make use of your own fingers to put pressure on your tooth every day. Make it a habit till you feel satisfied with your tooth change.

#3 – Retainers

Retainers are often used after the use of braces, yet they could also be used to align teeth by skipping braces. Similar to braces, retainers also work to straighten teeth, but their operating mechanism is not complicated as the braces do. Retainers include just a big wire holding the teeth for the upper jaw and another big wire guiding the teeth for lower jaw. When using retainers, the key thing to remember is to have a pair of wires fitting exactly on to the teeth, so that you can take them home and wear them at your convenience. [Read: 7 must know tips on how to avoid cavities]

#4 – Consult A Orthodontist

Even when you want to align teeth at home, at your convenience, without braces, you must remember that the best person knowing how to get straight teeth is your orthodontist. The dentist will examine your own teeth and consult for the best option for your own case to align teeth. It does not necessarily mean using braces. In case your want to use other options, ask your dentist.

By consulting your orthodontist, you can ensure that whatever treatment you opt for is not detrimental for your overall health in the long term. Each person has different case, so this is why you need an expert to check your case and give the best advice.

#5 – Maintenance

Teeth are a part of the human body, so they are always subjected to organic issue due to the food you consume. If you eat foods which are not good for teeth health, your teeth will be easily prone to damage. Also, you use teeth to chew foods daily, so even when you already had them aligned or if the aligning methods already worked, you still need to be wary about good maintenance.

Remember that the human teeth tend to have a “memory” and every tooth will go back to where it was originally situated. This is the reason why when wearing retainers after the braces, you should keep it on for a certain span of time. The same goes for other methods and interventions of alignment. Simultaneously, you need to be proactive about taking care of your own teeth as it is not just about aligning; it is about general dental care.

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