14 tips on how to have healthy nails and cuticles naturally

Do you want to know how to have healthy nails and cuticles naturally? We all want to maintain healthy beautiful nails for personal, social and business goals. Raise your hands (or maybe not) if you have broken a nail in the past few days or if you have noticed that your own fingernails are beginning to fray and split away too easily. Like a great new haircut or a terrific skin care regime, well-manicured, healthy nails are an integral part of such a neat appearance.

Regular nail care results in beautiful, healthy nails that you could be proud of to take to work or out of the city. In fact, many dermatologists are overly aggressive with the issue that cleaning and maintaining nails may actually put the normal strong nails at the potential risk of yeast or bacterial infections. You do not need to follow a frequent manicure to maintain good-looking, healthy nails if you apply the nail care tips below, collected by WikiYeah!

How To Have Healthy Nails – 14 Super-Useful Tips

How to have healthy nails

1. Stop Biting And Picking The Nails

In regard to tips on how to have healthy nails, learning to stop biting nails should be the first one you need to follow. Biting nails or being too aggressive when cleaning out under your nails could create stress fractures on the corners of the edges and finally lead to breaks. In addition, rubbing the top of the nails is a nervous habit which might lead to severe ridges in the top of your nail plate.

2. Wear Rubber Gloves When Dishwashing Or Cleaning

Frequently immersing hands in soapy, hot water to wash dishes could weaken even healthy and strong nails, mostly because this process dries them as well as the rest of the hand skin area out. When it comes to learning how to have healthy nails, it is necessary for you to wear gloves to protect the hands while you scrub. [Read: how to get clear skin]

3. Go Easy On The Water

When you are constantly in water, the nails will become weaker as they are wet and tear more easily. In fact, nails are porous and can absorb water, so they will need to “dry” a little after being sunk in water doing bathing or cleaning. [Read: best home remedies for dry skin]

4. Apply Sunscreen Before Going Under LED Light Or An UV

Remember that before putting the hands under a UV or LED light, it is recommended that you should smooth on a broad spectrum sunscreen beforehand to protect nails and hands. [Read: beauty secrets from around the world]

5. Biotin

As long as you eat a varied, healthy diet, you do not need any dietary supplements to warrant strong nails. Those people with weak nails might benefit from supplemental biotin, a B vitamin. This vitamin has been shown to be useful for strengthening as well as growing the human nails. If you do not luck into strong nails by birth, then you can make use of biotin everyday to have stronger nails.

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