14 tips on how to have healthy nails and cuticles naturally

6. Enjoy Polish

Women love wearing nail polish and it is not going to harm your healthy nails, though you probably should give the nails a break on the nail polish temporarily. Opt for the acetone-free nail polish remover when deciding that break. Also, wear gloves for healthier nail care when using the hands to work, such as gardening and housecleaning, to protect the nail polish and keep harmful chemicals and dirt out of the nails. [Read: home remedies for hair removal]

7. Do Not Forget To Take Your Vitamins

In addition to biotin, it is also important for you to take advantage of vitamin E gel capsules. You can use a pin and pop a hold into the capsule, then apply it directly onto your nails.

8. Moisturize Cuticles

To put in simple words, you can think cuticles like the protective caulking around the bathtub. If you cut the back too far or push them around extremely aggressively, then you are damaging them, leading to infections. As a simple regular nail care to maintain healthy beautiful nails, it is advised that you should moisturize cuticles and not even push them back or trimming them at all, even during your regular professional manicure. Also, be aware of the signals of infection, like pain, redness, and swelling. [Read: homemade beauty tips for dry skin]

9. Smooth Away Dryness With A Moisturizing Hand-Cream

Experts believe that people should always hydrate after washing their hands. Never wash the face without using a moisturizer and similarly to the hands.

10. Keep Nails Trimmed

Another tip on how to have healthy nails and cuticles is to keep them trimmed. The fashion trend is to have more natural-looking, neat, shorter nails and not the long talons on the past. Therefore, it is better for you to trim nails regularly to help you keep them off from breaking or snagging. How frequently you do your nail trimming depend on how fast the nails grow. Also, use a fine line to smooth out the edges of the nails. [Read: how to get longer eyelashes without mascara]

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