Do you know 12 ways on how to improve your marriage in 2016?

Relationships and marriages, in fact, go through different stages, changes as well as transitions. Similar to planting, watering and caring for seeds, to make a marriage blossom into flowers, it calls for continuous nurturing and improving.

While our relationships bring us great love, joy, and comfort, they also require both effort and energy from partners. Because all couples go through disagreements and conflicts, and face both the ups and downs coming up with life, how you deal with challenges, how you communicate and treat the other person are important components to such healthy relationships. How satisfied and happy you feel in your own marriage weighs heavily on the manners you interact and grow together on daily life and your expectations. Interactions filled with anger, contempt, negativity and resentment drain and damage your own relationship, whilst gratitude, kindness and respect cause you to feel positively about yourself, your sweetheart and your marriage.

There is no better time for you to strengthen your marital bond than this time – the beginning of a new year 2015. Here are some ways on how to improve your marriage in 2015 and beyond. Take a look from!

How To Improve Your Marriage – 12 Simple Ways

How to improve your marriage

1. Create Your Love Rituals

When it comes to ways on how to improve your marriage, this is an important way. These rituals are manners for you to show and receive love in happy and healthy ways. Rituals could happen daily (such as leaving your partner a sweet note on the refrigerator’s door, weekly (planning a fun date), and yearly (celebrating birthdays and anniversaries). Yet, the love rituals created do not have to be lengthy or expensive. Rather than, they are the ways for you to deepen your love and celebrate your own marriage via small acts of kindness and love. [Read: romantic gestures for him or her]

2. Practice Gratitude And Be Grateful

How to improve your marriage? Practice gratitude. Gratitude can have gorgeously positive benefits on the status of your own relationship as well as mental and physical health. Having a grateful mindset will support you to appreciate what you have during the hard times and help your marriage rebound faster after those daily conflicts that all couples cope with. In order to practice gratitude with your partner, you should think about the experiences, memories and events that the two of you cherish together. [Read: how to prove you love someone]

3. Plan Kid-Free, Technology-Free Quality Time To Be Together

You should find some manners to connect with each other through touch and words, share some stories about your day, enjoy dates and strengthen your love. The ideas can be taking a walk, playing a game, or snuggling – whatever you could do without the distractions of family, kids, social media, pets, and technology. Just simply commit to being attentive and present to the other person. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

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