Do you know 12 ways on how to improve your marriage in 2016?

4. Be Spontaneous

In these recent days, it is so easy to fall into such a relationship rut and feel dissatisfied and bored. In reality, ruts occur as you fall into many same patterns many times without giving a real solution, yet they could easily dissipate if you change up the energy within your relationship. Thus, the key here is to aware theirs existence. You should notice when your feel irritated, bored, antsy, or drained and opt for something more different. For example, you can try some new activities together like taking a vacation, focus on the present and leave resentment behind. Avoid engaging in such a blame game; rather than, improve your relationship together. [Read: how to not lose yourself in a relationship]

5. Acknowledge The Fact That Conflict Is Inevitable

It is necessary for you to understand conflict is inevitable and you could have a happy relationship without feeling such a continuous stream of happiness and love all time. By doing so, you will feel more comfortable when facing with conflicts and take it easy. Remind yourself that it is almost impossible to feel in-love every moment of the day and that struggles will happen naturally. The important thing is the way you handle conflicts and join together versus turning outward.

6. Practice Forgiving

Though the feelings of hurt, sadness, hurt, and anger, when conflicts are well addressed and handled with, it is crucial for your couples to move forward with forgiveness. Despite your may want to punish your partner due to your pain, make a conscious attempt to leave the past behind. Besides, you accept heart-felt apologies and also have the open heart that is ready for forgiving and healing. And, when you feel that the unforgiveable act happened, try to be honest and open rather than feeling anger, or intentionally inflicting pain on your spouse or continuously sabotaging your own marriage. [Read: how to apologize to your boyfriend]

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