Do you know 12 ways on how to improve your marriage in 2016?

7. Take Advantage Of “I Love You” Saying

This is the simplest way on how to improve your marriage, yet many of us often forget. Say your love for your spouse through words and actions without assuming that he/she knows that you live him/her. Show your love via forgiveness, patience, acceptance, affection and warmth. Show it via cooking dinner, flirting, saying thank you, and enjoying great time together.

8. Practice Generosity And Kindness Towards Your Spouse

It is shown that the generosity and kindness are two important ingredients in loving, rewarding, and lasting relationships. Thus, you should act generously and kindly by connecting to what is crucial to your spouse. Be attentive to your partner’s needs and be a compassionate supporter. Show your interests, surprise your partner with notes and gifts.

9. Do Not Try To Change Your Partner, Just Learn To Accept

Actually, many people in the early stage of their marriage think that they can change their partner steadily. Actually, it is impossible, unrealistic expectation to believe that you could change your spouse. Rather than, it will lead to great resentment and suffering. Thus, you should opt for seeing the positive features in your partner and accept him/her as an imperfect, flawed human being. Keep in mind that your partner is also a human who also has weaknesses, needs love, reassurance and resists your wish to change him/her into someone new. [Read: what is a good age to get married]

10. Take Care Of Yourself

It is always important for you to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Committing to self-care lets you experience the healthiest stage of your marriage. You should overlook you own demands, goals, hobbies, interests and dreams. Find outlets for your well-being and joy. Go for yoga, meditation, reading, nature, writing, food hygiene, healthy sleep habits , and mindfulness.

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