Do you know 12 ways on how to improve your marriage in 2016?

11. Have A Healthy And Active Sex Life

This is one of the most satisfying ways on how to improve your marriage in 2015. Sex not only provides people with connection with their spouse, but also comes with different emotional and physical benefits. Limit those excuses (like “I am stressed, tired or overwhelmed”), and make an effort. Find times that work for you as well as your spouse and communicate about your sexual desires and needs. Remember that other forms of physical intimacy, apart from sex, are also significant when it comes to a happy marriage. [Read: stages of a relationship]

12. Be Open To Communicating

It is crucial for you to be open, honest, and accountable even when you feel rather shutting down. Communication is the key to any relationship. Being listened means so much, in addition to eye contact, verbal language and open body language. If you feel that it is rather hard to listen to your spouse during a conversation, you should concentrate on what your spouse is saying and then feedback what you heard in order to make sure that there will be no misunderstanding. Listen to your partner’s thoughts without defending, arguing or interrupting and then take turns to share your thoughts.

Actually, it is never wasted when showing your love to your spouse no matter how happy your relationship is. The above are top 12 easy and effective ways on how to improve your marriage in 2015. Apply these recommendations and you will build such a great marital bond soon.

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