How to increase brain power & memory naturally – 26 easy ways

In fact, billions of neurons in your brain could reshape themselves in response to what you do and learn. Check out these ways on how to increase brain power and memory naturally to start making wiser decisions, and staying focused. These are exercises and foods that collecting from nutritionists and specialists.

1. Draw/ Paint A Picture

Drawing could stimulate the right-hemisphere of the human brain and also inspire creativity. Make use of colored pencils and start drawing your manner to increase power brain and memory.

2. Meditate

It is said that meditation could increase IQ, reduce stress and enhance higher levels of brain functions. On the other hand, meditation can also activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This is the area which is responsible for the advanced thinking performance.

3. Brainwave Entrainment

Fact is, brainwave entrainment is an innovative and safe manner to boost and shape the brain as well as its functioning. You could literally establish further control over your life and promote the potentials of your brain.

4. Exercise

How to increase brain power - exercise

Those long-term exercises could increase brain power, according to some prestigious studies. Even, exercise could create many new neurons within the human brain. You should get natural improvement of your brain power and memory via exercise instantly.

5. Cut Down Junk Food

Junk food, no more just reduce the energy of your body and even develop brain fog. You should cut down the amount of junk food from your current diet for alleviating its negative effects on your brain health.

6. Deep Breathing

In order to learn how to increase brain power and memory, it is important for you to practice deep breathing techniques. This can really boost oxygen levels as well as the blood circulation to the human brain. With just 15 minutes of deep breathing every day, you could create a great difference in the brain functions naturally. Deep breathing can also allow you to know how to improve mental health naturally and effectively.

7. Study A New Language

When people learn, they are adding more structure to their brain, thereby improving the speech centers of brain. Therefore, it might be the exact time for you to join in a course of a certain new language for boosting your brain functions and job-skills.

8. Laugh Out Loud

How to increase brain power - laugh out loud

The benefits of laughter to the human health are numerous. Of course, the brain power is one of the beneficiaries of laughter. When laughing, endorphins chemicals are released in the brain which will reduce pain and boost overall well-being. In other words, laughter is also a natural stress solution. For those who want to know how to reduce stress levels, laughter is a good treatment. You can watch a fun movie or comedy or crack a joke for enhancing endorphins levels.

9. Discuss And Debate

Engage in a discussion which is healthy can strengthen your brain’s ability to think rapidly. Also, you can also know how to build self confidence and communication skills through verbal situations. You should take advantage of healthy datable to build up the power of your brain now.

10. Consume Red Wine

Drinking red wine in moderation is healthy for your brain. This drink is rich in anti oxidants, the chemicals which could protect the brain from aging or damage. Just consume one glass of red wine each day, if you are female, and two if you are male to increase your brain power.

11. Set Goals

By setting goals, you will activate different areas of the brain associated with the positive actions and thinking. Moreover, setting goals is very good for gaining success in life as well.

12. Eat Healthy

How to increase brain power - Eat Healthy

So, what a healthy diet is? The human brain requires energy for reaching its maximum functioning level. The healthy diet for brain health should contain fruits and vegetables, fish, legumes, and nuts. Consider if your current diet includes these foods or not. [See: healthy eating habits]

13. Listen To Music

It is illustrated that listening music could promote the right-hemisphere of the human brain and modify its structure. Those people who often listen to music may be smarter and have much emotional intelligence than people who do not.

14. Manage Stress

How to increase brain power and memory while stress still remains? Learning to manage stress is necessary for brain power. Too much stress could lead to detrimental enhancements in the “cortisol” hormones which might kill brain cells and even suppress the brain functions.

15. Think Positively

Having good thoughts is a good habit that most healthy people create. Every day, you should take 10 minutes to think positive, then you will notice the improvement in your own thinking abilities as well skills of problem solving.

16. Brainstorm

This is a good way for you to stimulate the healthy neurons in the brain. By this way, you will think more creatively. Brainstorming is really a different manner of thinking that can equip the brain with a quick creative boost.

17. Visualize

How to increase brain power - Visualize


Practicing visualization is necessary for a healthy brain. Visualization has been linked with concentration at a deep level. A lot of successful athletes can visualize their game at a deep level. Visualization could also reduce stress, promote creativity, and peak the mind-body connection and performance.

18. Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to how to increase brain power, sleep plays a vital role. Sleep deprivation is a culprit to brain fog. Make sure you will fulfill the demands of your brain. Sleep could eliminate mental clutter and negative thought as well. Thus, you should get a good night’s sleep to get sharp memory. [See: natural remedies for insomnia]

19. Do Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis if used properly is healthy. You could modify the aspects of your own though process and shift your focus by spending time on doing some self-hypnosis. Research shows that practicing hypnosis could lower stress, increase pain tolerance, and develop clear thinking. Hence, you had better try out this technique for a boosted brain power.

20. Do Crossword Puzzles

This game could bring out the ability of your brain to critically think and recall past memories. When doing crossword puzzles, you are challenging your mental and brain heath. Check out crosswords in your daily newspaper to build up brain health.

21. Listen To Classical Music

Listening to classical tunes will activate your brain’s left-hemisphere. Therefore, classical tunes could help students do faster and better in writing and mathematics. If you have n not tried out this type of music, now start listening Mozart as it is proven that Mozart is linked to about 80% improvement in spatial intelligence.

22. Walk

Walking, a small fraction of exercise, is good for your brain health. Walking will put your mind in the relaxed state of clear thought as well as brain function. This will give your brain power an opportunity to wander and relax itself from negative thoughts.

23. Drink Fresh Juice

How to increase brain power - Drink Fresh Juice

Drinking fresh juice from vegetables and fruits will prove your brain the cells with a refreshing jolt of nutrients. Drinking juice will help your get various vitamins and minerals, supplying your with more focus and energy. You can use some full body detox tips which take advantage of fresh juice to start getting a clear brain.

24. Be Self-Aware

The next tip on how to increase brain power is practicing self-aware. Let go of your ego-driven as well as emotional factors of the life. Rational thinking will help you become self-aware, that in turns will help you make much better future decisions for gaining optimal brain power. Those activities such as introspection and meditation could help you boost self-awareness.

25. Have Sex

Making love is a good way to release important hormones in your brain. When getting involved in the loving relationship, making love could increase social connection and emotional intelligence. Sex is stress reducing and connecting and also a good manner to give your own brain a dramatic boost. [See: how to increase male stamina]

26. Live A Lifestyle Without Drugs

People know the negative effects of drugs. Drugs do not nurture creativity; they even kill creativity and damage braincells. Depending on the type of drug, the effects could be different and range from cell loss, brain bleeding, to impairments in neural development. Thus, living a drug-free life is an essential factor for a healthy brain.

These top 26 ways on how to increase brain power and memory above are the best tips for you to get a brain boost almost instantly and permanently. Hence, making use of those 26 tips and see how increased your brain will be.

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