How to increase creativity and imagination in the brain: 10 tips

Believe it or not, every person has their own capability to be creative in different fields of the life. There are many manners for people to open their creative mind, so that they could complete more things and become more creative. According to Steve Jobs, “creativity is just connecting things”, so you might want to be a person who can connect things logically and effectively. Perhaps you are not working in the industry which resorts the right side of your own brain, the side which is considered as the portal of creativity, you might be not have much chance to grow your imagination as well as creativity. However, if you know some specific tips on how to increase creativity and imagination in the brain, you will be able to tap into the amazing source of your won energy. Check out from now!

How To Increase Creativity – 10 Tips To Boost The Imagination Of The Brain

1. Experiment

When it comes to tips on how to increase creativity, it is worth noting for people to experiment. When anything new comes up with in your mind, there are many ways to do it. It is said that there are approximately 250 ways to wash dishes, so you can experiment new routines for the old work of washing dishes. That is also about experiment. If any of you have ever traveled extensively, you might notice that each place you visited has a specific style. In fact, human beings are the same, yet each of us has our own style and way to do something. Thus, simply do it. Do not afraid of trying something that you think about, and see what will happen. Making use of your expression and doing things that just you could do might make the world richer and you will also develop your style! [Read: how to fight fatigue naturally]

2. Look For Your Muse

In reality, for some individuals, a muse is something that comes easily, but for others it is really a struggle. You should explore the world in your own way and think about the things that you do not know much about. Opt for something complex or the inanimate object, then you need learn how it moves, works, sits, or what it works in the connection with something else. To put in simple words, you should learn all what you could to explore this world via its eyes, not only your eyes. Just let that object give you many new ideas to develop your muse. Do you want to increase your creativity, find and lift other talents to a new level? You should read Strengths Finder 2.0, penned by Tom Rath.

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