How to increase sex drive in men & women naturally: 16 tips

Not ready to hit the Viagra yet? You and your partner deserve a great sexual relationship. This could of course be hard if you are suffering from male low libido. Sexual dysfunction impacts both men and women of all ages for different reasons, containing old age, stress, chronic disease, and anxiety. To help you find out how to increase sex drive and stamina naturally, here introduces top useful lifestyle and nutrition tips for men and women:

How To Increase Sex Drive Naturally

I. How To Increase Sex Drive Naturally – 10 Nutrition Tips

1. Indulge In Chocolate

Throughout history, chocolate has been considered as a symbol of desire not only due to its delectable taste, but due to its power of improving sex pleasure.
Indeed, according to some prestigious studies, chocolate consists of phenylethylamine and serotonin which are released into the human system. These substances could produce some aphrodisiac and mood-enhancing effects. Yet, the effects of chocolate on the sex drive are most likely more psychological than biological.

2. Celery

Whilst celery might not be the first food which comes to your mind when it comes to sex, it could be a great source food for sexual stimulation. Because celery includes androsterone, which is an odorless hormone produced through male perspiration and turns females on. To make use of celery, you had better eat it in the form of raw. [Read: healthy eating habits]

3. Raw Oysters

Raw oysters are well-known for its ability for improving sexual health. Oysters are rich in zinc, raising sperm as well as testosterone production. Also, they include dopamine, which can increase libido fast. Moreover, the experience of shucking raw oyster is erotic. You had better add oysters to your diet to promote your sex pleasure naturally. So, how to enjoy this libido food properly and healthily? Just scrub the shells thoroughly for getting any bacteria or dirt off. Then, you pry them open and place them on the bed of ice, squeeze fresh lemon onto them to make it more delicious.

4. Bananas 

There are many benefits of banana that you could take advantage of. One of them is boosting sex drive. This fruit contains the bromelain enzyme, which can increase libido and reverse the impotence in men. In addition, it is a good source of vitamin B and potassium, which could promote the overall energy levels of your body.

5. Avocado

Avocado consists of high levels of folic acid, helping metabolize proteins, therefore giving you much more energy. Also, they include vitamin B6, which is a nutrient with the ability of increasing male hormone production and potassium, which helps regulate the thyroid gland of a woman. These two elements are the answers of the question: how to increase sex drive naturally. For a delicious libido meal, you cut one avocado in half, the scoop out the insides with the fingers, then get the partner to lick it off. [Read: foods to eat before bed]

6. Almonds

Almonds (or nut in general) are a good source of essential fatty acids. These substances are important for sexual health as they supply the raw material for the hormone production of a man. In addition, the smell of almonds is supposed to arouse the passion in females. You should try to light some almond-scented candles for encouraging the mood of your woman and snack on some.

7. Eggs

Though eggs are not the most sensual of foods, eggs are still rich in vitamin B5 and B6. These vitamins could balance hormone levels as well as fight stress naturally. These are two things which are important to a healthy libido. In other words, want to know how to reduce stress? Go for eggs. Some people might eat raw chicken eggs prior to sex to enhance their sex drive and maximize the energy levels. Yet, do not overlook the bird and fish eggs as them also are rich in B5 and B6.

8. Garlic

The next nutrition tip on how to increase sex drive is garlic. You might need to stock up some additional breath mints as it is worth it. Garlic, actually, consists of allicin, which is an ingredient increasing the blood circulation to your sexual organs. Also, garlic is considered as a highly effective herb for libido improvement. If the odor will work for you, or you cannot stand garlic, you and your partner could take garlic capsules instead.

9. Figs

Figs are rich in amino acids, which are claimed to be able to increase libido. Furthermore, they could improve sex stamina. The shape of fresh figs, and the juicy, sweet taste are two tangible aspects which are very pleasurable to the human senses.

10. Red Wine

Go for red wine, but moderation is the key. Do not drink to excess. Studies show that those people who drink red wine moderately tend to have a greater sex drive than those who do not or who opt for white wine. Women also say that they find men a whole lot sexier when they wearing red. And, there is no surprise here; men are attracted to women in red.

II. How To Increase Sex Drive Naturally – 6 Lifestyle Tips

1. Stay Active

When it comes to how to increase sex drive naturally, one of the best manners is to do cardiovascular exercise. Sex might get your heart rate up, regular exercise could improve your sexual performance by keeping the heart in shape. Just 30 minutes of staying active each day could do wonders to boost your sex stamina, libido and prepare yourself for the bedroom. Opt for some low intensity workouts like running and swimming. [Read: how to stop premature ejaculation naturally ]

2. Manage Stress And Control Depression

This could wreak havoc on different areas of your health, containing your libido. Stress is a main culprit of low sex drive as it increase your heart rates in the bad way and boost blood pressure, both destroying the sexual desire as well as performance. Stress also triggers bad habits like alcohol drinking and smoking, which could also harm your sexual performance.

3. Get Some Sun

There seems to be something about summer that revs the sexual engine. Actually, sunlight inhibits your body’s natural production of melatonin, which is a hormone helping you sleep andquieting your sexual urges. The truth is, less melatonin means the potential for more sexual desire.
Now, get outside and let the sun hit your skin, so you could help wake up your sex drive, particularly during the winter months as the human body produces more melatonin. [Read: how to increase penis size naturally]

4. Masturbation

The last tip on how to increase sex drive is to make use of masturbation. Fact is, if you are not lasting as long as you would like in bed, you may need some practice. While masturbation is one of the best ways to practice for sex, it could also help you improve your longevity.
However, masturbation could have detrimental effects. In case you rush through it, you can inadvertently decrease the time you last with your lover. The tip is making it last, just like you want to when you are not alone.

5. Develop Self-Confidence

Fact is, how you feel about your body also impacts how you feel about sex. Following an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise could not only result in a poor self-image, but it also discourages you from enjoying sex. Thus, it had better for you to boost self-esteem, then your sex drive will thereby increase. Focus on the pleasure experienced by both parties during sex, rather than just the physical aspect. [Read: how to build self confidence

6. Stay Fit And Keep The Weight Off

Body fat inhibits testosterone production. Apparently, it is really crucial for men and women to watch their waist size because belly fat absorbs testosterone more effectively than fat cells elsewhere in the human body. Both males and females will benefit from exercise, though, because aerobic workouts promote blood flow to sex organs.

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