How to keep your vagina clean & healthy – 10 crucial tips

#5 – Maintain A Healthy Diet

Maybe, you do not realize it, yet a nutritious, balanced diet plan is the key to a healthy vagina and reproductive health. In reality, certain foods might be helpful in curing vaginal health problems. Yogurt and cranberry juice could potentially help in preventing yeast infections and support the treatment. However, you should be careful to not consuming super-sugary types, as that can make you more susceptible to the infections. In case, you suffer from vaginal dryness, you should ask your doctor and eat more soy products that contain a weak form of estrogen aiding natural lubrication.

#6 – Work It Out

Practicing kegel exercises is important for you if you want to know how to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Doing kegel exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are crucial in producing mind-blowing, stronger orgasms, in addition to bladder control. Remember to add kegels in all of your workouts.  [Read: abnormal vaginal bleeding]

#7 – Regularly Exam

A visit regularly to a doctor for examining your lady parts’ health is always necessary for learning how to keep your vagina clean and health. All women from 25 to 64 should go for cervical screening regularly to notice any abnormal changes in the cervix, such as cervical cancer. Besides, use this time to talk about fertility, using condoms, and any random questions related to sexual health that you may have like STDs. Yet, before go to your doctor for examining, you should have conversation about it with your partner.

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