How to keep your vagina clean & healthy – 10 crucial tips

#8 – Be Careful While Cycling

If you are a frequent rider, then you might be at risk for some genital numbness, tingling and pain whilst cycling. According to a study about female cyclists, it is found that most of them experienced vagina problems mentioned above. Thus, if you love cycling, you should wear padded shorts to keep vagina pain-free during the workout.

#9 – Use Antibiotics With Caution

Antibiotics are another threat to your vagina health. Those pills may kill some of wonderful lactobacilli which keep the female vagina clean and healthy. Obviously, if you are taking an antibiotic to fight infection, you had better not pass up the recommended prescription, add more probiotic Greek yogurt to your diet in order decrease damage. [Read: how to get rid of vaginal odor naturally]

#10 – Be Mindful When Having Intercourse

You should make sure not go from anal to vaginal intercourse without changing the current condom or appropriately cleaning off first. Just remember that going from back to front-door might expose your vagina to harmful bacteria and could increase your risk of infections.

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