10 tips on how to kiss a guy for the first time and turn him on

Kissing a man is instinctive. Girls often say that they had a hard time trying to work the right way to do it in their head. So, if you want to know how to kiss a guy, turn him on and make your lips become memorable impression after the kiss to him, you should use the following tips. This article made by Wikiyeah.com will help those girls who have not yet kissed a guy before to know how to kiss a guy for the first time so they will experience such a great moment of romance after the kiss. Furthermore, at the last of this writing, you will discover the most crucial things when it comes to kisses. Just take a look!

How To Kiss A Guy For The First Time – 10 Best Tips To Keep In Mind

How to kiss a guy for the first time

1. Come Close To Him

When it comes to tips on how to kiss a guy for the first time, this is so easy. Just come close your guy. Avoid reaching too far to kiss him from a significant distance as it is uncomfortable and you could not enjoy a great first kiss. In fact, the closer you get to your guy, the more you two experience a perfect kiss and the more the chances you arouse him discreetly. [Read: how to get a guy to kiss you]

2. Let Him Lead

While kissing him, you should let him take the lead. If you are not dating a first time kisser and want to kiss passionately, you should touch your lips to his lips softly and wait whilst he puts more pressure on yours.

Avoid pursing your own lips or puckering up, it will harden your lips, thereby making him feel like he is currently kissing a wall. What you should do is to keep your lips supple and slightly parted. It will feel delicate and easily accessible. [Read: what to do with your hands while kissing]

3. Pop An Altoid

How to kiss a guy for the first time? Pay attention to your breath. This might be the most crucial tip on how to kiss a guy for the first time. Both girls and boys are worried about their own breath, even it is for the first or one hundredth kiss. if you are worrying about bad breath, then before your first kiss, you should make sure that you have some mints or Binaca. Remember to stay yourself away from those aromatic things such as garlic or onions. You will feel more confident and comfortable if you know your breath is sweet.

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