10 killer tips on how to kiss passionately and romantically

For many people, a passionate kiss is a confusion which always goes wrong. A kiss could tell so much about a couple as well as their prospective romance. Getting the first kiss wrong, in some cases, probably means there is no chemistry in that relationship. In fact, some girls and guys are skillful kissers while others are not. So, what makes the differences between a perfect passionate and romantic kiss and a dead fish? Read on top 10 killer tips in this article, from Wikiyeah.com, to discover how to kiss passionately and romantically so you will be more skillful at your kissing skills.

How To Kiss Passionately – 10 Killer Sweet Tips

How to kiss passionately

1. Take It Slow

How to kiss passionately? Remember: do not rush into the kiss. What you need to do is to take it slow and even when you begin with kiss on the lips, you should not just focus on the lips. Move the lips away slowly after several first few kisses on the partner’s lips and graze your lips against the neck or chin of your partner. Breathing in to the skin of your partner will help you feel more sensual and romantic. Spend a moment on warming up each other to a good kiss and take it slow! [Read: types of kisses girls crave for]

2. Linger Subtly Between The Kisses

When the two of you begin kissing, kiss each other for a few seconds at once without forcing your manner in. Do not worry about how long the kiss lasts as long as you feel pleasurable and comfortable.
Do not stick your own tongue into the lips of your partner instantly. What you should do is to take your time and test the water by simply playing slow. Wait for the reciprocation of your lover before reaching too far. Between the kisses, you had better take time by parting your own lips from your partner yet keep them close, at the point of kissing once again. This is one of the most effective tips on how to kiss passionately and romantically you should keep in mind. [Read: how to kiss a girl for the first time]

3. Touch The Face Of Your Partner

Another tip on how to kiss passionately and romantically is to touch the face of your partner. Fact is, a passionate kiss gets involved with more than just a single kiss. When kissing each other, you should touch the face as well as shoulders of your partner using your hands. Clasp the hands of your partner with yours, as long as all things you do is delicate and subtle. [Read: what to do with your hands while kissing]

4. Be Focused

When kissing your lover passionately, you should focus on your lover, not anything else. Close the eyes and let your senses enjoy the sensation. If you get distracted, your lover will not fell the intimate link and would end up experiencing a less than comfortable and pleasurable kiss.

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