10 killer tips on how to kiss passionately and romantically

5.  Enjoy The Passion Not Just On Your Lips

How to kiss passionately? Remember the fact that a kiss is only a plain kiss. What makes a kiss passionate is what you do while kissing. Whilst kissing your lover on the lips, part that kiss to move your own face lower and kiss the ears, chin, and other areas around the lips, even the neck of your lover. That will also help create sexual tension.

6. Be Aggressive

Another tip to know how to kiss passionately is to get aggressive. Some sensuous aggression is a part of passion. When kissing your lover on the lips for a few minutes or seconds, to make the kiss more passionate, you push the face of your lover back to you lips or hold the hair at the back of their head. That way, you will take your kiss to the next level and turn it into something sexy and passionate.

Regardless of your aggression while kissing, you need to go back to the traditional, soft relaxed kissing afterwards. Creating a burst of aggression and passion only makes a good chance of pace if you kiss for longer than just a few seconds. [Read: physical turn ons for guys]

7. Take Advantage Of Your Own Hands

While kissing, move the hands over the backs and in front of each other. Of course, you just do it if the two of you feel pleasurable and comfortable with that. Such soft sensual touches will create highly sexual passion as well as romance in the air. [Read: how to get a guy to kiss you]

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