10 killer tips on how to kiss passionately and romantically

8. Wet But Not Drooly

In the movies, we often witness wet kisses which makes us feel so passionate about. Wet kisses are really passionate, yet there is a very thin line between drool and passion. Whilst those good kissers can be turned on with a bit of wet, drooling kisses might be a huge turn off. Upon kissing your partner, let them feel your moistness on their lips. Do not let it overdone.

For testing your kiss, a simple idea for you is to kiss the back of your own palm for just a second now. If you see any moisture on the palm, which is presented as a round circle of wetness, it shows that you are overdoing your kiss. If you do not see anything on the palm, that is not good enough. The good wet kiss is when you see such a thin surface of the moisture on the palm which can dry up in just several second after your kiss.

If you can get familiar with this type of kisses, you will know precisely how to make your partner passionate with your kiss. Use this kissing technique even when you kiss your partner on their neck or cheeks or anywhere else. The cool sensation which dries up nearly instantly could bring the sexy feeling while making out.

9. Avoid Hurting Yourself Your Partner And Yourself

Wanna maintain the passionate feeling while kissing? avoid hurting your partner and yourself as well. do not bit hard or give hickeys if your lover does not want it. It is easy to carried away when being in a highly passionate level, yet you might end up hurting your lover or offer them a less than comfortable and enjoyable experience while tugging at something or kneading something hard. [Read: how to know if you are in love]

10. Avoid Contradicting Each Other

Make use of your tongue and hands while kissing. Yet, always make sure that you are expressing your passion in soft way if your lover does not reciprocate your aggression.

And, when being in a new relationship, the two of you need to get to know and learn from each other. Just let your lover lead the kiss for a minute and then turn it to you. If so, you will understand your partner and so he/she does, too, avoid turning a great passionate kiss into such a confusing disaster.

The above are top 10 amazing tips on how to kiss passionate and romantically which will help you and your partner experience great moments of kissing, tightening and integrating you two together.

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