How to know he will be bad in bed – 11 subtle signs

When starting to date someone, your thoughts may turn to how it will be to have physical intimacy with him. Physical intimacy is a big factor in romantic relationships, and knowing that your partner is good at that is a main consideration when you want to be with that man in the long term. How to know he will be bad in bed? Fortunately, this article made by will reveal to you 11 simple signs to know he is going to be bad in bed. Check out below!

11 Simple Signs To Know He Will Be Bad In Bed

How to know he will be bad in bed

1. He Is A Bad Kisser

If he could not do well one of the most basic parts of physical intimacy that a couple could share, how do you think he will be able to give you the pleasure in bed?

If he is a bad kisser, such as too much or not enough tongue, excessively, or not sync with your lip moves, the physical intimacy will fall flat too.

2. He Is Selfish

If he is selfish in the majority aspects of his own life, then chances are, he will put himself first in bed. Actually, a selfish lover will not even realize what they are currently doing, but their narcissism will cause their action of trying to get what they need without thinking about giving you the necessary pleasure that you deserve to have in the bedroom.

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3. He Is In A Rush, Always

When it comes to signs on how to know he will be bad in bed, always being in a rush is a subtle signal to watch for. If he is the kind of man who just does half of the job and rush on to the following things, then he may not be able to give you good experience in bed.

It is said that, in regard to physical intimacy, the best experience could be gained when two partners take time and make sure that the other person is satisfied and happy at every moment.

4. He Is Not An Active Person

Well, this seems irrelevant to physical intimacy, but a man who is not a particularly active guy may not be a good partner in the bedroom. If he has a non-active, unhealthy lifestyle, having intercourse with him is not enjoyable and dynamic at all. Probably, you may have to do all the work. It is absolutely bad.

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5. He Is Unable To Focus

If your man is easily distracted by outside factors in different fields of the life, chances are, he is also easily distracted in bed. He may not invest enough his time and energy in your intimacy in order to satisfy you in the way you love.

Simply put, if his mind is continuously wondering, you may not get the emotional connection which is important to your relationship.

6. He Has Bad Hygiene

Of course, this is obvious a serious thing for you to consider when it comes to bedroom partner. If he has seriously bad hygiene in daily activities, then bad hygiene will intensified in your bedroom also. Do you want to be intimate with someone who does not take care of even the minimum level for their body?

7. He Always Interrupt You

How to know he will be bad in bed? Look at his behave when communicating. This sounds strange, but actually, a man who often interrupts you, does not let you complete a sentence or does not try to listen to what you say will do their role in bed without question or concerning your wants. It is because he does not give a crap about if you are having a good experience and what your desires and interests are in bed.

8. He Talks About His Mom A Lot

There is a fragile line between a guy who respects and loves him mom and the one who reserves her so much and has a photo of her on this working table. If your man is such type of men, you should prepare yourself for his poor performance.

9. He Has Suspect Appearance

Similar to poor hygiene, the majority of men do not pay attention much to their appearance.  Thus, they may be also not great in the bedroom. It does not mean that he has to look like a model stepping off the page of the fashion magazine, but if a guy takes no pride in his outside appearance, then he may not bag any chicks either. For many men, dressing well has a great advantage when it comes to attracting a woman, so if a man is not trying to do so, he may not have intercourse as the only way to have intercourse is getting a woman to be attracted to him.

10. He Says That He Never Watches Adult Videos

Another sign about how to know he will be bad in bed is his claim of never watching adult videos. If he does not watch adult videos, he may not be creative in bed. The majority of men watch adult videos, not just because they wish to be aroused, but also because they want to learn new in-bed techniques. It is a good material to learn for them. It is totally acceptable for men to study the art of having an intercourse and use them to please you. But, be aware of those men who watch too many adult videos because they may not have any idea of having intercourse in the real life with a live person.

11. He Avoids Physical Intimacy

It is difficult to find a man who avoids having physical intimacy with women. However, it does not mean there is no such man. If your man avoids having physical intimacy with you, then he is either has no idea of what he is afraid of disappointing you or he is gay. If he has intimacy issues, then he may acknowledge it and will delay having intercourse with you as long as he could. He might tell you that he just wants to respect you and wait for marriage. If you feel that he is uncomfortable when you mention to the idea of intimacy altogether, there is something much deeper going on.