How to know if a guy likes you more than a friend without asking

Today, I will reveal another article in the series relationship articles about “How To”. It is “How to know if a guy likes you” topic, all the ultimate tips of this article will help you to find out whether he likes you or not. Sometimes, you are very confused when you get one guy glance for one second, you wonder what he is thinking. You will not be waited so long for exact answer. I hope it will be one promotion part of your relationship. Check out from!

How To Know If A Guy Likes You Without Asking – 8 Ultimate Tips

How to know if a guy likes you
How to know if a guy likes you 

1. He Looks At You For A Couple Of Seconds

May be you will think that with such a little time like that, how you know that he likes you. However, it is the oldest clue, when it comes to learning how to know if a guy likes you, which can affirm that he likes you. Because he feels embarrassed when you catch his look. Normally, even the bravest guy always feels embarrassed and behaves strangely in front of his dream girl. [Read: how men fall in love with women]

2. He Feels Nervous When Close To You

How to know if a guy likes you more than a friend? If you don’t believe in his quickly look, then focus on his actions and behaviors. You will know he likes you when you see his clumsy actions especially whenever you are close to him. If he feels a little bit nervous that is the signal of rapid heart beating. You should find some chances to get close to him or make a conversation with him to see all these signs clearly. [Read: how to impress a boy and make him likes you]

3. Listen To His Friends

When you fall in love with someone, it can’t be hidden. If you hear some teasing from his friends to him and you are around them, it tends to be heavier and heavier, you should notice that. May be he just mentioned your name in their conversation or they found he look dreamingly to your direction. One thing you can believe from that signs, he fancies at you. [Read: body language signs of attraction]

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