How to know if you are in love with someone: 9 signs

Are you wondering how to know if you are in love with someone?

The fact is, falling in love with someone and staying in love with someone are really two entirely different experiences. Whilst most people believe it was love in the first place, falling in love starts with note of sexual excitement plus with the flutter of love. Actually, falling in love is something like a drug, but unfortunately, it does not last forever. While the levels of chemicals like serotonin and dopamine steadily come back to normal after several months or years afterwards, it also depends on the lovers to find the ways to keep their relationship warm and alive.

Think you might be in love? When falling in love with someone, there are absolutely some surefire signs you are in that mood. This article made by will show you some tips on how to know if you are in love with someone, helping you understand more about your feelings emotions and what next steps are.

How To Know If You Are In Love With Someone – 9 Signs Of Love And Attachment

How to know if you are in love

1. You Have Unexplained Happiness

When it comes to how to know if you are in love, having unexplained happiness is the most noticeable sign. Do you find yourself kissing pillows, jumping up and down in joy and excitement for no specific reason? If so, you might just be in love.

It is said that, when a person falls in love with someone else, the levels of dopamine in his/her brain will increase because of the enhanced blood flow to the areas where the receptors of dopamine are present. The pleasure chemical – dopamine – will make you more energetic, excited and full of life.

In addition, the release of dopamine in the human brain will make you feel like restless, sleepless, and full and happiness. Besides, it makes you think about the person you love, a lot. It is like you are taking cocaine. [Read: how to know if a guy likes you]

2. You Are Scared To Dead Of…

How to know if you are in love? Are you scared of losing someone? When falling in love with someone, you will be scared of losing him/her, of keeping him/her, of never being with another man/woman, and so on. The list goes on and on. It might crash and burn like it is your last relationship. [Read: how to find out if a girl likes you]

3.  Could Not Think Of Anyone Else

When you fall in love with someone else, oftentimes, you could not really think of anyone else but your lover. That kind of thought will tirelessly run around in your own mind; you could not work, focus on or remember other interests. All what you think of is just your lover. This is because of norepinephrine, the chemical compound released in your brain, along with dopamine. [Read: the art of storytelling in a relationship]

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