How to know if you are in love with someone: 9 signs

4. You Are Addicted To This Person

Another signs of how to know if you are in love with someone is the addiction. Love changes your brain. Fact is, in the early-stage relationships, that euphoria people feel appears as the heightened neural activity in dopamine-high areas of the brain – the areas connected to the reward system – and in the areas associated with the pursuit of rewards. In reality, there is a hint of activity in the anterior cingulated, the region of the human brain linked to obsessive thinking – the classic and popular experience when people fall in love.

When the relationship progresses into a more long-term partnership, thinking about the partner will activate the reward centers and brain areas implicated in love and attachment, yet less so obsessive thinking.

5. You Want Your Family Or Friends To Like That Person

It is shown that people are usually motivated to “marshal support” for someone they are dating. This also means that the social circle of the two people seems to play a crucial role in the success of a relationship. Admittedly, being attuned to the way your friends and family think about your lover as well as potential life partner is a clear sign that you are in love and increasing attached to that person. [Read: unspoken relationship rules]

6. You Feel Happy For The Triumphs Of That Person, Even When You Fail

If you are increasingly attached with someone else, you might have an atypical reaction upon witnessing them achieving something that you do not. Those lovers feel connected and could share the outcomes of the successes of each other. Romantic lovers will feel pride and have positive emotions when they see their lover get success, even at something that they could not do by themselves, instead of feeling jealous or negative. [Read: signs he is in love with you]

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