How to know if you are not in love anymore: 10 subtle & clear signs

Well, love, as it might be in reality, could sometimes begin to fade away. If you often feel like love steadily slips out of your love and you could not do anything to make a stop to it, then you should reconsider your relationship. Love if neglected could be accompanied with anger or hate, and finally take a bad turn for the worse. When two partners are not in love anymore, the relationship can start to become a big burden of pain and frustrations.

Perhaps, you are also on the way to question your own relationship that if you are still happy with it or have no joy. While the feelings of falling in love are blissful and intense, the feelings of falling out of love could be just as intense. Despite the signs of falling out of love might not be clear as they are at the beginning, there are still some signals that warn you about the status of your relationship. When the time passes by, you start to see some of these signs pop up now and then, even for no reason at all. So, how to know if you are not in love anymore? Check out the following signs, collected by WikiYeah, you are not really in love here. Some information in this article is referred from Allwomenstalk and Bustle.

How To Know If You Are Not In Love Anymore – 10 Warning Signs To Watch For

How to know if you are not in love anymore

1. You Feel Your Partner Irritated

When it comes to how to know if you are not in love anymore, this is the clearest sign. Your partner might be preparing dinner, watching the movies, or just simply having a conversation on his phone. It does not matter what they are doing, yet sometimes you just feel an urge to scrunch up your own face in anger or annoyance about your partner. You do not know why you feel so, yet the sight of your partner might irritate you.

This is particularly true if you recently find your partner’s habits which you used to find cute are not cute anymore. The problem here is your partner has not changed, but you.

2. You Do Not Feel Excited Anymore When Seeing Your Partner

At the early stages of a relationship, your eyes always light up with excitement and happiness when seeing your partner or having fun conversations with them. When spending time with your partner, you just feel bored and restless. Or, you always look for ways to stay out more often or stay back at work. That is one of the subtle signs on how to know if you are not in love anymore.

3. You Are Just Keen On Yourself

A happy relationship is shown through the unconditional love that two people have for each other. However, once the relationship begins to lose its initial romance, the two people start to become selfish in terms of different things, such as sharing food, helping each other, or dressing up well. Actually, when a person starts to fall out of love with someone, he/she would not mind letting the other person disappoint as long as it could be advantageous to him/her.

4. You Keep Looking Out

You might have a great time with your partner up to now, and from the outside, things might seem perfectly fine. However, if you a little more close attention, you will find that you are constantly hoping for an opportunity encounter to lie or cheat on your lover. You might not troll some websites for extramarital affairs, yet you try to meet other potential dates with the hope of having an affair or cheating on your lover.
And, once you continuously try to cheat on your significant other, you are not in love anymore. It is a sign that warns you are not in love anymore.

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5. You Think You Deserve Better

The next sign to watch for in regard to learning how to know if you are not in love anymore is that you think you really deserve better. It is easily overlooked by most of us. You might like your lover and have a happy time with them, yet from within, you do truly believe that you deserve better things. You might think you are more intelligent, better looking or too good to be true in compared with your partner.

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6. You Do Not Spend Time Together

Communication along with togetherness is the factor that maintains a relationship. Sometimes, when love begins to fade away, two parties might start spending less time with each other. Then, finally, before even knowing it, holidays and weekends might pass without either of you talking about spending time with each other.
Instead of wanting to be with your partner, you might love going out with your own friends. If either of you could not spend a few hours with each other, and does not really care about togetherness and communication, then it is time for you to end your relationship.

7. You Do Not Often Think About That Person As Previously

When you’re in love, you might think about your partner many times throughout the day. You might see a video from a TV show that you would to show your lover, or you might want to plan a trip to somewhere and wonder whether or not he or she could get time off work. When the relationship develops, you may still think about that person throughout the day, but you might not think he or she is the best creature on the Earth like you used to do in the early stage of your relationship, yet you will still think about that person, like what to give him on his birthday. Nevertheless, if you no longer think about him much, it is one of signs you are not in love anymore.

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8. You Fall In Love With Another Person When You Are Drunk

Regarding to learning how to know if you are not in love anymore, this is a relatively tough tip. We all act differently upon getting drunk. Some become sloppy while others might become horny, aggressive or arrogant. Yet, be aware that alcohol is a depressant which frees up your inhibitions a little bit. Actually, the things you do when you get drunk are the things that really want to do in the real life yet do not have enough courage or will. If when getting drunk, you suddenly find your partner more attractive, lovable, or stimulating, then chances are you are still in love. But if when you get drunk, you keep trying to get other men or women to pay you “romantic” or “physical” attention, then it is likely you are not in love with your lover anymore.

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9. You Have No Respect For Him Or Her

When a person starts losing respect with their partner, he/she would not think twice about shouting or yelling at them, or even extremely scoring them for just a simple, small mistake, even when there are other people around. If now you think your partner is a worthless slob or a loser, then you are not in love with them anymore. You may be being with them just because you do not want to experience a big change in your current life.
Remember, we could not be really in love with someone if we could not respect them. That is simple.

10. You Feel That Something Is Missing

People usually feel something is missing. It is a fact in many relationships. So, it is unfair if you discard a long lasting relationship just due to the feeling you are experiencing. The problem is today people give up things to easily. They hit bumps in the road and run into the arms of another person. It may take a lot of introspection on your own part to be really sure that the “thing” you find missing is love. Yet, if you know surely about the thing that you think is missing, then you should consider whether or not you in love with your partner.

The signs about how to know if you are not in love anymore mentioned above may not be true for every case of relationships, yet one thing to be sure that these signs are warning signals that show off some problems in your relationship. So, don’t skip them!