How to Know She is The One for You – 6 Big Signs

Well, there are tons of lists out there for women about how to find the right one person – that special person you can build a happy life with. Yet, it seems not to be something men talk about that often.
It got me thinking about the qualities would make for a great female partner for the life of guys?

If you are a man, and crazy about her, you may think she is the one for you. Well, if this idea is ringing any bell in your own mind and urging you rush into a committed relationship, you should calm down and slow it down right there. Take a deep breath and think realistically. Is she the right one for you? Well, if you are intending to answer with something like, “I just know”, then you need to have more time to think before making a big decision of your life.

Seeing and dating a person is totally different, but most of us are misunderstanding these with each other. Going into a committed relationship with a special person is a different phenomenon. Thus, you should not let this obsession take over you, instead, you should think rationally before going into a committed relationship with a certain girl.

If you are wondering how to know she is the one for you, then this list of signs she is the right one for you will help answer your question. Take a look from WikiYeah! Some information in this list is referred from YourTango and Psychologytoday.

How To Know She Is The One For You – Is She The Right Girl For You?

How to know she is the one for you

1. Your Life Is Much Better When She Is Around

If her presence brings positive changes to your life, then it is a sign on how to know she is the one for you. Her persona helps you have a better outlook towards current life. Her optimistic approach and intelligence gives you a better acknowledgement and understanding of life.

You land a new achievement in your career; she helps you get your life organized; you begin cooking again; you start really decreasing that debt. Or, simply, she makes you want to be a better person. Such girl is surely the right one for you.

2. She Makes You Smile

Ask yourself: do you smile every time seeing her, or thinking about or talking to her often? If the answer is yes, then it is a big sign on how to know she is the one for you.
If your girlfriend makes you happy just because of her availability, then she is the one you could spend your whole life with. The thought of her makes you smile and feel refreshing. Just one glance at her smiling face takes all your worries and tiredness off. Having her around makes your heart contended. Then, it is definitely a clear sign she is the right one of your life – your soulmate.

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3. She Is Always There For You

A real partner is the one who always be there for you, regardless of the situations. Spend time to watch and evaluate this. If your partner is with you just when it is convenient for her or when you are happy and successful, she is not the right girl for you, guys!!!

A girl who truly loves you and wants to be your lifetime partner will go out of her box to be there for you whenever you are in trouble or need her. In addition to being with you in happy days, she always stands close to you in every of your dark times to support you, comfort you, console you, encourage you – in simple words, she is always there for you.

4. She Opens Up For You

When it comes to how to know she is the one for you, this might be the most overlooked sign. You love her, yet another crucial issue you need to pay attention to is – does she love you?

A girl will open her heart as well as soul to the one she really loves – according to prestigious studies. If she truly loves you, she will ignore all the opportunities of being vulnerable. She will talk even her deep secrets or give her heart out without any fears or doubts. Yet, if it is not the case for you, the there might be some doubts right in her heart about being your true partner. Once she is not sure about her own love for you, maybe both of you should take more time to work out on it.

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5. You Two Can Talk To Each Other For Many Hours

In reality, the significance of passion and physical intimacy could not be ruled out from any happy relationship, yet a true love demands more than just being physically close. If you and your beloved both love chatting with each other without feeling awkward or getting bored, then she is obviously your true soul mate. If two of you could maintain in long conversations without needing anyone else, sure, you two are perfectly made for each other.

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6. You Have Sexual Chemistry

How to know she is the one for you? Sexual chemistry or sexual tension is a subtle signal to watch for. This is critical. She is not your friend, but your romantic partner. If the physical intimacy is not happening, and it could not be saved with lots of talking or therapy, then it is not a true love. Sexual chemistry is what makes the difference between just being friends. This is what our body understands love before our brains do. In this case, your body might understand you two are emotionally connected before your brain really does. Hence, pay more attention to your body to see if it gives any signal about that chemistry.

So, you have figured out whether you have found “the one” by taking a look at this list of signs she is the right one for you. If you could check off each of the items above, then you owe it to yourself to let the relationship become all that it could possibly be.