How to know when to end a relationship – 12 subtle signs

Relationships are crucial. However, there is a point in a romantic relationship when one side or both sides have had enough, and it is time to wrap up. Ending a relationship is not easy with experience and age, yet sometimes we become caught in schedules and patterns. Each relationship has its ups and downs without breaking up, yet when the downs seem to outnumber the ups, it might be time to begin thinking about stopping it. For a romantic relationship, sometimes love is not enough.

So, how to know when to end a relationship with someone you love? Fortunately, there are always some subtle signs indicating it might be the right time to get rid of the other person in your relationship. Some information in this entry is referred from Psychologytoday and Lifehack. Check out from WikiYeah!

How To Know When To End A Relationship – 12 Subtle Signs

How to know when to end a relationship

1. Small Problems That Grate Over Time

Every relationship has both good and not-so-good interactions. New lovers will do their best to evaluate and appreciate the satisfying connections and ignore the things that are irritating. Unluckily, over time, some of these things start to fester and are more difficult for the other person to ignore. Even the simple things like being chronically late, not arranging clothes properly, or forgetting a promise can trigger resentfulness.

Or, there are some more serious problems like keeping staying close to an ex or getting too drunk, or not paying the bills on time. Once these upsetting behaviors reach a critical level, the other partner will not be able to tolerate them anymore. When the relationship is eroded by day-by-day resentments, the balance of that relationship will ship in the wrong direction.

2. Arguments Are Extremely Frequent

It is all natural in a romantic relationship to have some arguments now and then, yet when those arguments happen daily of the week without any satisfying relief or even because of almost nothing, then there are some much bigger problems underlying. Your arguments should not become excessive. This could result in enhanced stress and finally have a detrimental effect on your psychological and physical health.

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3. You Do Not Trust Each Other

One of the most crucial parts of relationship is trust. Learning how to build trust in a relationship is a necessary thing to do for all happy couples. Yet, once you lose that, it is almost certainly time to end that relationship. Among many signs about how to know when to end a relationship, this is simple – that is the time you find yourself wondering about the motives, reasons and abilities of the other person all the time. It can be everything, from why he/she is acting like that to you, or how he/ she make that important decision so fast.

In case there is a mutual distrust on you or your partner, it could result in definite crumbling of your relationship as well as the backgrounds it was established on, leading to anger, jealousy, possessiveness, anger as well as other negative emotions to be triggered and poison the current tenuous relationship. If you hit this point, it is extremely hard for your relationship to return and it may signal the end of your relationship.

4. You Realize That Two Of You Have Different Values

Every individual has their own values that crucial to them – freedom, security, a conservative family, an open marriage, and a liberal family. So, no matter what your values are, it does not matter much, yet when they start to uncomfortably rub against your partner, then it may be an early sign that it may be time to end the relationship.

Each relationship has a process of negotiation, compromise, but sometimes values are different and distinct to ever be reconciled without a dramatic compromise that will possibly result in a rift because one of you will struggle against what you want and what you have decide in order to satisfy and fulfill the needs of your partner. If this is a serious problem in your relationship, the best solution for both sides in a relationship is to end it and move on.

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